KFC Attempts to Make Amends to the Little Girl Disfigured by a Pit Bull Attack


KFC, the fast-food chain in Jackson, Mississippi is investigating allegations that 3-year-old Victoria Wilcher was asked by a restaurant employee to leave because of her facial scars.

The incident took place when the employees of the restaurant were asked by other patrons to have Victoria Wilcher leave because her facial disfigurement was too disturbing.


Victoria lost her right eye and suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and several puncture wounds when she was attacked by three pit bulls in April, her family said.

Victoria had just been released from the hospital, after a month of recovery, and was restricted to soft foods. Her grandmother, Kelly Mullins, said she took Victoria to the fast-food restaurant for mashed potatoes and gravy. Mullins said she was feeding her granddaughter when a KFC employee came over to their table and made the request to leave.

KFC, the Kentucky-based corporation announced Sunday that it is donating $30,000 to help pay for Victoria Wilcher’s medical care.














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