LEAKED ‘Deep State’ Chat Logs Reveal Active Effort Of State Coup Against Trump


Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) warned Americans of the “deep state” and attempted coup by intelligence back in February when intelligence officials unmasked and leaked transcripts on Michael Flynn to mainstream media.

There is ample proof that they are out to destroy President Trump, and now leaked chat logs reveal the extent that they are willing to go. 

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars reported the alleged chat logs come from an encrypted messaging service called Gliph, and they purport to show conversations between deep state operatives plotting to plant falsified stories in the media in an effort to undermine President Trump.

While the messages haven’t been verified as completely authentic, they are worthy of discussing due to the massive number of negative “leaks” coming from government insiders in recent weeks, which suggest that such a plot is currently underway, Sean BrownPolitiCulture reports.

An individual by the name of “FreshCamel” posted the screen shots to a dark web messaging board in hopes of getting them into the light. The user claims to have been able to access a high-level FBI employee’s computer through a phishing scam similar to the one used against John Podesta, and after weeks of monitoring “FreshCamel” finally figured out what the messages were about and decided to go public with them.

The Third Estate Newsgroup first published the messages on Thursday after speaking with “FreshCamel” directly. Screen grabs of the messages are below.

From the Third Estate Newsgroup:

These screenshots show a 45 minute chat on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 17. From 2:31 pm to 3:15 pm, 5 separate users sent a total of 20 messages.  “FreshCamel” confirmed that there were a total of 13 users “present” in the chat room, but the users known as “Severus,” “Roger,” “Huck,” “Juules,” and “Dooku” are those who consistently speak the most in these daily chats.

The chat begins with mention of “RR” and Mueller, hours before Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller would be named as the Special Prosecutor handling the probe into the Trump campaign’s communications with Russia.  The users admit that the news will “blindside” the White House.

Then, the topic of conversation turns to an individual referred to as “MF” and whether or not these users should work to “put [him] back in the news.”  They eventually agree that an individual known as “S” will work to draft a “memo” somehow connecting “MF” to Turkey and the user known as “Huck” will use a secured connection with their “friends in New York.”

As we’re all aware, major news broke Thursday that former national security adviser Michael Flynn allegedly accepted money from the Turkish government then intervened on their behalf in American military operations. Flynn has since denied the reports, as have those within the Trump administration, but he remains the target of an ongoing investigation.

Also, the reference to “memos” comes around the same time that news broke of former FBI Director Comey writing a memo alleging that President Trump attempted to get him to halt the investigation into Gen. Flynn. Third Estate believes that the “Limey” in question is Louise Mensch, a notorious anti-Trumper and wild conspiracy theorist who’ll publish pretty much anything that undermines the President.

The chat goes on to cover several other topics: including a “project” involving an individual who this groups refers to as “Limey,” a term for a British citizen.  In recent months, a former British Member of Parliament named Louise Mensch has captivated the Internet with reports and leaks that are often proven as false or dubiously-sourced.  Mensch’s reports often suggest that the FBI and “deep state” are close to indicting and arresting Flynn and several other Trump associates for espionage.

Third Estate Newsgroup suspects, but cannot confirm, that this mention of “Limey” refers to Mensch, and if true, would suggest that Mensch’s “sources” might be members of the intelligence community, but could be feeding her false information to support their own leaking and disinformation operations.

Third Estate Newsgroup is working to confirm the identify of the “tape” that these individuals delivered to someone referred to as “AEWP,” but has not had any success so far.

The conversation ends when the individual known as “Juules” comments that the media will have their hands full because “RM is happening tonight,” seemingly referring to the announced appointment of Robert Mueller just hours after this specific chat was closed.

InfoWars suggested that “AEWP” could possibly be a Washington Post reporter, and some sort of “tape” that had been given to them.

The alleged whistleblower told Third Estate that they have no interest in American politics, and initially believed that conversations were about routine job duties. However, after listening in for some time, they determined the messages were of importance to the public.

Third Estate reports:

These screenshots might just be the first “proof” for Trump supporters who have decried the existence of a subversive “deep state” working to bring down Trump’s presidency for months.  Somehow, the individuals present in this chat were aware of both the timing and identity of the Special Prosecutor before he was announced, and seemed to provide the information used in the stories about Flynn that surfaced on Thursday.

Of course, there’s no way to confirm these messages are either authentic or falsified, and they’re hardly credible enough evidence to prove that the “deep state” exists and is waging a coup against a duly elected president. However, they are definitely interesting, and worthy of discussion given the current political climate and the obvious campaign to get President Trump removed we’re watching play out in the news.

Mike Huckabee credited Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich with ignoring the majority of his fellow Democrats and speaking out on the ‘deep state’ crisis in a nonpartisan way.



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