Leaked Emails Show Tension Between Four-Star General And President Obama (Video)


Many popular U.S. Military generals have taken a huge stand against Barack Obama. Four-Star Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons (U.S. Navy Ret.), former Commander-in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet, had some stunning accusations he laid down against Barack Obama.

The comments were made during a press conference on how to combat radical Islamic extremism.  He states that under the leadership of Barack Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated all of the National Security Agencies of the United States.

Furthermore, Lyons said that Obama is deliberately unilaterally disarming the military and spoke to the need for the new GOP controlled congress and Military leaders to stand up to the administration and uphold their oaths.  His remarks are scathing toward a sitting U.S. President….yet the media dismisses them, according to the Last Great Stand.


4-Star Admiral Accuses Barack Obama Of Treason

Wednesday night at the, ‘Commander in Chief’ forum, presidential nominee Donald Trump stated that, “US military generals ‘have been reduced to rubble’ under Clinton and Obama.”  A leaked email from an Air Force general seems to support Trump’s statement.

According to The Daily Caller ,  DC Leaks, the same group that leaked files from George Soros groups, released emails in July from Air Force General Philip Breedlove’s Gmail account while he was serving as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO European Forces.

In multiple emails, General Breedlove speaks negatively about the way Obama views the NATO force in Europe.This attitude is quite clear in an email exchange between Breedlove and Harlan Ullman, senior adviser to the Atlantic Council. In the exchange, Ullman is trying to set up a conversation between Breedlove and Colin Powell, and wants to know Breedlove’s topics for discussion.

“My first ask of him though is to help me break through to re-energize interest in Europe/NATO in general. I think POTUS sees us as a threat that must be minimized,” Breedlove wrote on Sept. 30, 2014. He added, “ie do not get me into a war”

Later in his email to Powell, Breedlove wrote, “I may be wrong,… but I do not see this WH really ‘engaged’ by working with Europe/NATO.  Frankly I think we are a ‘worry’,… ie a threat to get the nation drug into a conflict,… vice an ‘opportunity’ represented by some pretty stalwart allies.    I seek your counsel on two fronts,…. how to frame this opportunity in a time where all eyes are on ISIL all the time,… and two,… how to work this personally with the POTUS.”

These emails came during the same year Russia annexed Crimea. In another 2014 email, Ullman wrote to Breedlove, “I met the new EU ambassador to the US David O’Sullivan. I pitched him on the need for him to impress on Washington the strategic importance of Europe which seems to be a six letter expletive in the White House.”

“Agreed! Thanx,” Breedlove responded. The following year in March, General Breedlove wrote, “This is a mess.  I do not understand our WH!”

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