Leaked Memo Shows Democrats Panicking Over Black Lives Matter (Video)


A recently leaked memo shows that Democratic Party officials are concerned about Black Lives Matter and are advising candidates on how to avoid angering the racial activists, Fox Insider reported.

The November 2015 memo included tips like: Do not offer “support for concrete policy positions;” be sure to “lead from behind;” stick to “small” meetings; and avoid mentioning terms like “black-on-black crime.”



The memo was sent to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staff by Troy Perry, who was the DCCC director of diversity but now works for the Clinton campaign.

On “Fox and Friends Weekend,” Eboni Williams said that Democrats – particularly Hillary Clinton – are trying to “walk a tightrope” on racial issues.

She explained that Clinton will have a difficult time winning the general election without similar African-American voter turnout to that of President Obama.

“She can’t alienate groups that are talking about issues that are important to the black community,” Williams said. “They don’t want to say the wrong thing.”

Tucker Carlson said that simply avoiding issues like black-on-black crime is insulting and transparent to the African-American community.

“If someone was patronizing me like that, I wouldn’t like it at all,” he said.



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