Left Mocks Kavanaugh For Crying During Testimony: ‘Fake,’ ‘Unhinged,’ ‘Too Emotional’


The left could not wait to jump all over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and no sooner did he start his emotional defense before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday against an allegation of sexual assault brought forth by California psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford, did liberal journalists, actors, and left-wing activists mock him.

Kavanaugh’s emotional opening statement condemned Democratic lawmakers for a “search and destroy” campaign against his nomination, choking up and weeping while talking about the effect of the salacious allegations on his family, Breitbart reports.

Various Twitter-endorsed Verified accounts said the delivery of his statement shows that Kavanaugh does not have the strength or “temperament” to serve on the high court.

Obviously, they believe Ford even though nothing she said can be collaborated. The witnesses she names all denied the event took place, even her best friend who was allegedly there said it never took place, and she never met Kavanaugh.



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