Leftists Freak Out On Twitter Over Trump Telling Police “Don’t Be Too Nice” To MS-13 Gangs


President Donald Trump gave a speech to federal, state, and local law enforcement on Friday, addressing the issue of the MS-13 gangs. When he told the police they did not have to be “too nice” to gang members, referring to protecting people’s heads when put into patrol cars, leftists took this as a call for police brutality.

While addressing the gathered law enforcement, ICE officials and officers in Brentwood, New York, President Trump discussed the nationwide concern of the MS-13 gangs and how his administration planned to fight the growing threat of gang violence.

During the speech, he discussed the arrest of these gang members, jokingly telling law enforcement, “Don’t be too nice” to “thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon.” In response, leftists on Twitter attacked Trump claiming that he was encouraging police brutality.

Breitbart reported that GQ’s Keith Olbermann, a vocal opponent of President Trump, was one of the first to attack him, implying that his comments about the deportation of gang members signaled the building of “mass detention camps” in the future:

Dave Zirin, a sports editor at The Nation, tweeted, “This is not the first time Trump has endorsed police brutality”:

Matthew Miller, an MSNBC justice and security analyst, claimed that Trump’s quote would be used in future police brutality trials:

Scott Dworking, the co-founder of The Democratic Coalition, stated that President Trump literally “told cops to assault people”:

Asawin Suebsaeng, a politics reporter at The Daily Beast, claimed that Trump called for police to commit more brutality to cheers and applause:

And political activist Shaun King tweeted that Trump had, “openly, blatantly endorsed police brutality”:

Liberals freak out over this but find it perfectly acceptable for Hollywood celebrities to show President Trump decapitated and to tell Americans to ‘burn down the White House.’ A joke’s a joke right, typical double standards.


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