Leftists Rip Trump’s State of the Union Address – Until They Find Out Its Obama’s (Video)

Leftists Rip Trump’s State of the Union Address – Until They Find Out Its Obama’s (Video)

They were not happy when they found out they were trashing Obama’s State of the Union Address.

President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address last week, and according to a CBS poll it was received favorably by 75 percent of those who watched. Three in four Americans who tuned into the president’s address approved of the speech he gave.

Even with an approval rating of 75% there are those who refuse to acknowledge that he is benefiting not only the American people, but the United States as a whole.

Campus Reform headed to John Jay College in NYC to talk to students who disapproved of the speech by asking them to react to a few select quotations. Almost unanimously, the students found each of the quotes to be “warmongering”, “aggressive,” and “immature.”

“[Trump] should, like, you know, mind his own business and, like, just focus on America because he’s the President of the United States, not the whole world.”

What the students didn’t know was that all the quotes given to them were taken from President Obama’s State of the Union addresses.

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How would they react when they found out it was President Obama, not Trump, who had spoken each of the quotes they disapproved of?

Watch the full video below video to find out!

CBS News poll:

How did the speech make you feel? 

Eight in 10 Americans who watched Trump’s address felt that the president was trying to unite the country, rather than divide it.  Two-thirds said the speech made them feel proud, though just a third said it made them feel safer.  Fewer said the speech made them feel angry or scared.


Party Identification 

But as is often the case in State of the Union addresses, the people who watched President Trump’s speech leaned more towards the president’s own party, at least compared to Americans overall.

In the latest CBS national poll released earlier this month, 24 percent of Americans identified themselves as Republicans.  Among those who watched the address, that percentage was 42 percent, bolstering the overall approval of the address.


And while Republicans approved of the speech, most Democrats who tuned in did not.  Nine in 10 Republicans said the speech made them feel proud, while just over half of Democrats said it made them feel angry. Independents who watched the speech – nearly half of whom counted themselves the President’s supporters – tended to approve of the speech, and said it made them feel proud.

After hearing his State of the Union address, most viewers think the policies they heard would help them personally, though Democrats disagree.

Policies you heard in the speech 

On some of the specific issues the President touched upon, most viewers had a favorable opinion of what Mr. Trump had to say about the nation’s infrastructure, immigration, and national security.

Credit for the economy

And after hearing him speak, 54 percent of speech watchers give him a lot of credit for the current state of the nation’s economy, up from 51 percent before they watched the State of the Union.

This CBS News 2018 survey is based on 1,178 interviews conducted on the internet of U.S. residents who watched the State of the Union Address. Panelists were previously interviewed on January 29-30, 2018 to indicate whether they planned to watch the address, and if they were willing to be re-interviewed after the address. Questions asked during this initial interview have the note “Asked before the SOTU address.” The margin of error is +/- 3.1%. 

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