‘Lie With Pigs, Fry Like Bacon’ Written On House Before Fire


A fire that started around 1:30am on 410 East Main St. in Endicott, NY is being investigated as arson.  The owners believe that they know the arsonist’s motivation.  The family flies a “Blue Lives Matter” flag on the front of their house.

According to Blue Lives Matter, An anonymous family member told WBNG that after the fire was started, a family member went around the back of the home and saw a message written on the siding, “Lie with pigs, fry like bacon.”

The family said that they have a “Blue Lives Matter” flag on the front of their house next to an American Flag. The flag appears to be the popular Blue Line Flag to show support for law enforcement.

The siding has since been removed from the side of the home, presumably by investigators.

It appears that this family was specifically targeted in a hate crime against law enforcement. The message on the side of the house not only gives a motive for the property destruction, it suggests that the suspect was actually trying to murder the occupants of the residence.

The family is fortunate that they were able to escape the fire unharmed.

Supporters for groups like Black Lives Matter have been trying to intimidate law enforcement and their supporters. This is the first case that we know of, outside of a riot, where an arson targeted somebody specifically for supporting law enforcement. These criminals are trying to intimidate us into backing down so that they can push their agenda without resistance.

We will continue to fly our flags and defy these terrorists who are attacking law enforcement.

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  1. The reality is we are all not blue. None of us but police have the same privileges as they do. Blue lives encompass only police but to the police we are all black to some degree, and more importantly depending on how they see you by way of attire or NCIC.

    I see it like this. The only people running around my neighborhood like a bunch of assholes who can care less about our rights is the police. They have lobbies constantly working at increasing sentences, stiffening penalties, derringer our rights, and cops constantly lie in case after case when it comes to whether they respected a persons rights. They came in my home based off the word of a shot caller outlaw Nazi skin head who said I was selling drugs, better yet he said i was a transsexual drug dealer. They took my cash, which I had cause I dont trust banks, and all my guns that were legally purchased and that I had registration cards for, along with 30,000 rounds of ammunition. They had no warrant and I only oppened the door because they pretended to be one of the kids out front playing football. I fought with them at the front door when they tried to force their way in as they had no badges or uniforms but insisted they were cops and they had no warrant. They came into my home when I ran from door to grab firearm and they assualted me in my living room and drug me out of my home with no arrest warrant no probable cause and no search warrant. They then preceeded to lie and tell me I had no right to an attorney and they tried to lie in court as well. They were lying in front of my mom in order to get me 20 years to life. They lost only because AI believed I was not wrong and that their actions were much more severe than what I was accused of doing. The f’d up thing is this is normal in lower income neighborhoods. If blue lives were anything to consider they would support black lives, but this bs just goes on to show how racist you assholes really are


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