Life Under Newsom’s “Safety For All” Act 2016: You WILL Register Your Guns, Ammo, Transfers Of Ammo – BAN 10+rd Mags. (Video)


Life under Gavin Newsom’s “Safety for All Act of 2016.” If this passes it will BAN the possession of magazines with a greater than 10rd capacity. It will REQUIRE that all ammunition purchases be reported electronically at the moment of purchase to the State, and so much more!


States legislators cannot stop the Federal Legislative Court due to the previsions in the 14th Amendment. States Law or code is invalid in regards to the Federal “opinions” of the legislative Supreme Court. Rowan County KY. Court Clerk Kim Davis’s situation proves what I’m telling you, so pay attention please. 

All they need to do is take this States’ bill to the Supreme Court and it will become implied Federal LAW under the legislative “opinion” of the Supreme Court via the 14th Amendment!

Life under Gavin Newsom’sSafety for All Act of 2016.”

By: Martin B Retting Inc

If passed by California voters, this act will:

1)         Will CONFISCATE standard capacity magazines. It will BAN the possession of a magazines with a greater than 10rd capacity, regardless of when you purchased them. Current legal magazine owners will be forced to turn them in, have them destroyed or sell them to a dealer. Of course, your used magazines will be essentially worthless because in the rest of the country they’re available brand new! There are no provisions in the law for owners of firearms for which there are no legal 10rd magazines available.

2)        Will CREATE a 25 million dollar bureaucracy, with the sole responsibility of regulating the sale of ammunition. This money will be stolen from the General Fund, to be paid back with money Stole from the DROS fees collected.

3)        Will MANDATE that everyone in CA obtain a “firearms purchaser certificate” in order to be able to purchase any ammunition. This “certificate” would take up to a month to obtain and cost up to $50.00. You would have to renew it every 2 years. Our names would appear on a database of certified ammunition purchasers.

4)        Will REQUIRE that all ammunition purchases be reported electronically at the moment of purchase to the State, who will record it in a database to be available to law enforcement. This will likely quadruple the handling time associated with the purchase of ammunition, causing prices to skyrocket.

5)        Will FORCE all Dealers in CA to obtain an “ammunition vendors license” in order to sell ammunition. It will also force all employees of any licensed vendor to obtain a State issued “Certificate of Eligibility” in order to work with ammunition. Again, this will cause prices to skyrocket.

6)        Will BAN the private transfer of ammunition.

7)        Will BAN the private importation of ammunition

We ALL need to fight this attack on our rights. Please keep an eye on our page as we gear up to FIGHT Newsom and Bloomberg in their attempt to take away your 2nd amendment rights!

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  1. This is awesome! I can drive 30rd mags and ammo into california and sell them for rediculous profits then drive back home where the people are not douche bags! Its my get rich quick plan!

  2. Look, that is California! Doesn’t apply to my state, which by the way is in no way shape or form as anal about guns as Ca. They have different laws just like any other state. We are open carry for cripes sake, with legislation on the table for permit less c.c. Unless you’re in a state which doesn’t want law abiding citizens to own handguns you got nothing to worry about. The governor just last week approved drivers licenses to all illegals, am I right? The governor is sucking Obama’s balls right now! As we speak! So fuck it! No one is taking away my rights. You can take it, or you can fight it, you choose!

    • Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because this bill only involves California at this time, that it can’t “birth” the existence of a broader FEDERAL law that would apply this to ALL states, overriding States’ Rights.

      Also, this bill is unconstitutional because it DEFINITELY INFRINGES on the American people’s ability to exercise their RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.

  3. This is a genius plan!

    You know how to stop gangsters from killing gangsters?

    Find people that aren’t gangsters and demand tribute. Then write down their information on a piece of paper, and give it to a bunch of bureaucrats.

    Problem solved!

  4. So gangsters still buy the shit now at a higher cost on the black market…. which means Ruiz of the Latin Kings, hos buddy Tito, and T-dog and JayJay with the bloods have to go steal more shit via more break-ins…. or gather up enough money head to any other state and buy it.

    Funny, because the ammo law can only apply to california residents, via court rulings relating to the requirement to illinois and FOID for amko requirement. I can cross the river from Freedomland and buy ammo without any silly FOID.

    Silly liberals with their nonsensical schemes to pay taxpayer funds to the companies of their buddies who helped get them elected all to build a farce of a system that will accomplish nothing, if anything will only make the act of knowingly or while ignoring any major cause for suspicions transferring or giving guns or ammunition to a prohibited person become tons more profitable…. and criminals more wanting to break into places that sell ammunition. So congrats on creating incentive for criminals.

  5. Total inverse of Drake v. Jerejian. In the case of New Jersey, states rights accomplishes tyrannical ends and so the SCOTUS gleefully denies certiorari. Newjerseyfication of the rest of the states if you like.

  6. This is a trick so that the government will know who CAN impose their oppressive will on leagle citizens. Another way around the 2nd amendment just because it didn’t mention ammunition!

  7. Thats Great so all the Bad guys will be going to Cali because everyone will be unarmed in that state and it will be a free for all

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