List Of 190 Cities Where Obama Is Dumping Thousands Of Syrian Muslim Refugees


With Obama relocating Muslim immigrants into the United States at a rate of 100,000 per year, those communities that are targeted for new arrivals are seeking information about their new neighbors, only to be denied by federal bureaucrats and their hired contractors.


Here is a LIST of 190 U.S. cities where Obama is dumping THOUSANDS of Muslim refugees.

The State Department claims that they will only accept Syrians that are ‘persecuted by the government’ and has promised a stringent review process to make sure that no Islamic terrorists are mixed in with the refugees. 

One major problem for the communities receiving these Muslim refugees is that little to no information is being provided on their background.

Residents have a right to know what precautions, if any, have been taken to ensure their safety, and a leading expert on the refugee resettlement program said there are no guarantees some do not have ties to Islamic terrorist groups.

There is no way to acquire a proper medical history on these people – no way to screen them for disease and illness. Their children will be placed into our schools, special arrangements will be made to accommodate the language barrier.

They will demand their food be Halal, costing American taxpayers an exorbitant amount of money to accommodate their ‘special’ needs (see video below). 

One community that is trying to get information right now is Spartanburg, South Carolina.


On March 16, Ann Corcoran, author of the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog, spoke at a national security summit in Columbia, South Carolina, hosted by former Defense Department analyst Frank Gaffney. A few days before that conference, on March 9, a story broke in the local Spartanburg newspaper that World Relief, one of the nine resettlement agencies that works under contract with the federal government, was planning to open an office in Spartanburg.

When an agency like World Relief opens an office in a city, it means refugees will be arriving soon. There are no public hearings or announcements in local media, Corcoran said. Typically a story will appear in the local newspaper just before or after the first arrivals appear in town.

Corcoran met some activists at Gaffney’s conference who wanted to find out more about the plans for resettling United Nations-certified refugees in their city.

“It is like pulling teeth to get any information,” Corcoran said. “And these are long-term grassroots activists who know how to get information.”

One of the activists is Christina Jeffrey, a political science professor and former U.S. House of Representatives historian who ran against Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., in last year’s Republican primary. Gowdy is now chairman of the House subcommittee on immigration and refugees.

“He is chair of this committee, and so they want to set up a refugee office in his home district, and we still can’t get any information,” Corcoran said.

Jeffrey has asked the federal government to prepare a comprehensive impact statement, detailing the impact the refugees will have on Spartanburg’s public services. Schools, health facilities, housing, the job market and public welfare programs will all be affected, but so far nobody is saying to what extent.

The mayor of Athens, Georgia, who asked for the same type of report last year, encountered the same blackout of information.

St. Cloud, Minnesota, residents have also inquired about how many more Somali refugees will be arriving in light of recent problems with Somali student protests at a local community college. Dozens of other Somalis have either left the country to fight for al-Shabab or ISIS while others have been charged and convicted with sending material support to overseas terrorist organizations.

“They’re trying to get information because residents have heard the rumor that there are 1,500 more Somalis getting ready to be resettled there in St. Cloud,” Corcoran said.

The resettlement agencies hold lots of meetings and place lots of phone calls with “stakeholders” in the targeted communities, but these collaborative efforts almost always occur outside of the public spotlight.

“The term ‘stakeholders’ does not apply to you, the taxpayer footing the bill for all of this,” Corcoran said.

According to a March 8 article in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, “a partnership of faith leaders” called Come Closer Spartanburg issued an invitation more than a year ago to World Relief to open a refugee office in Spartanburg. The March 8 article was the first public revelation of this effort even though World Relief had been working behind the scenes with “stakeholders” for a year. An initial group of 65 refugees will arrive this year, starting in April or May, from Congo, Bhutan and Syria.

Jeffrey, in a March 30 op-ed in the local newspaper, shed more light on the group, Come Closer Spartanburg, and its goals:

“On its website, Come Closer Spartanburg describes the city of Spartanburg as ‘home to what has been identified as the fifth most dangerous neighborhood in the United States. We have extremely high rates of unemployment, poverty and domestic violence. Overall, we were recently listed as the fourth most ‘miserable’ city to live in our country. It does not take long to realize that we are a city in need of transformation.”

Jeffrey discovered that the objective is to plant a “seed community” in Spartanburg that will eventually blossom and transform the city. The federal government is creating communities within communities often pitted against each other economically and culturally.

It’s the same tactic that has been used for decades in Europe.

“Looking at other U.S. cities with new refugee communities, it appears that contractors often keep sending refugees to the same place until there is a community within a community. Unassimilated communities have created problems in Europe, and we are beginning to have similar problems here in the United States (witness Milwaukee, Wis., and Lewiston, Maine),” Jeffrey writes.

Corcoran said the word “assimilation” is no longer used by the resettlement agencies and their friends in the federal government. Rather, the new buzzword is “integration.” The goal of integration is to have a multitude of diverse cultures living side by side in “coexistence” but never assimilating.

President Obama issued an executive memorandum dated Nov. 21, 2014, to all federal agencies directing them on “Creating Welcoming Communities and Fully Integrated Immigrants and Refugees.”

This sort of backroom dealing between the federal government, its hired resettlement contractors and local officials is not designed to provide information to the people who live and work in the targeted refugee cities, Corcoran said.

“They don’t like this whole idea that their town is being secretly selected,” she said. “This has been going on for over a year now in Spartanburg, and the refugees are now due to start arriving in a month or so. And these people have no information until it’s actually upon them.”

The mayor of Athens, Nancy Denson, requested a plan. The city of Spartanburg is asking for the same consideration.

“That’s what these people in Spartanburg are asking for, and they are asking that when you have a plan that you present it publicly at a public hearing,” Corcoran said. “They don’t want to have to show any of that to the public. They’re saying it’s only 65; well, it’s only 65 for the first year. It will continue to be more every year afterward once you become a seed community.”

Of the more than 500 Syrian refugees brought to the U.S. so far this past year, 90 percent of them have been Muslim, Corcoran said.

Corcoran is pushing for reform of the refugee system in America.

She believes communities targeted for resettlement should be entitled to an economic and social impact study.

“And they should put it out for review at multiple public hearings, because once the public hears this, what we find is they don’t want it,” she said. “Because they say, ‘We are struggling with our own homeless, our own mentally ill and poorly educated. Why do we need to take in other countries’ problems?”

Outside of the financial hurdles and the drain on social services, the security issue is perhaps the most troublesome for cities on the receiving end of these seedling communities.

WND reported in February that a senior FBI counter-terrorism official, Michael Steinbach, testified before the House homeland security committee and admitted that the U.S. lacks the capability to properly screen out terrorists and terrorist sympathizers from the ranks of the U.N. refugee program.

Another issue is school overcrowding and the need to pay for interpreters and tutors who can speak obscure tribal languages. A Spartanburg activist was scheduled to meet with Gowdy Wednesday to discuss the impact of refugees on the local education system.

Corcoran said World Relief has been withholding basic information on its resettlement plans, such as how many refugees will be coming from what countries over what time frame and their religious affiliations.

“They’re saying Syrians, Bhutanese and or Congolese. These World Relief lackeys our activists are dealing with on the local level are saying it’s only going to be Syrian Christians, which is BS,” Corcoran said. “Ninety percent of the Syrians coming into the country right now are Muslim. But they lie to them and tell them it’s going to be Christians. That is just not so; they don’t get to pick like that. They’re going to get the whole mix (as assigned by the United Nations), and they’re probably going to get Somalis, too.

“The bottom line here, though, is that they’re trying to get the information pulled out from everyone who is looking into this.”

Download a list of the cities assigned to receive refugees>: List of 190 Cities

The list gives the addresses of the migrant processing centers! Americans need to protest at these centers – we do not want migrants in our neighborhoods! They are not being screened – no medical history to check, no criminal record to check – many are Islamic extremists – terrorists! They will receive full benefits for life! 

Obama Spending BILLIONS To Import Muslim Immigrants

Muslim refugees reject food aid because it’s not HALAL



  1. Jews, Lutherans and Catholics aiding and abetting the very people coming to America to kill them. A group of 100,000 men is called an army, not refugees. A group of refugees consists of some men, more women than men, and a lot more children. Refugees are disheveled, hungry, tired and appreciate their host countries; not healthy well fed and well dressed men.

      • @rick if it was a majority of women and children,so many people would not have a problem with it!every picture i see is predominantly male refugees,and i just have to pause and look at some of them and i get soo angry,why are health able bodied men fleeing their country instead of fighting for it?Why should we accept people into our country that aren’t willing to fight for their own?

        • That is because these refugees are nothing but a Trojan horse. We must stop them from coming to America. We can not risk the same that is happening in Paris and other European Countries.

      • Rick It is not mean spirited when it is true. They should only let in women, children, the infirm and the elderly. We fought for our country’s freedom. Those abled bodied men can fight for their own country. When you don’t like how things are going in your country you don’t run like a coward you stay and change it. Why would you let cowards in here to enjoy the free benefits when you know if worse comes to worse they will not stay here and help us fight. They would either fight against us or run again. Either way we loose. This is like the Trojan horse without the horse.

        • If Obama was King of Troy, the Greeks would not have needed that wooden horse. Obama would have let them IN. Obama is a Muslim. He is letting his fellow Jihadis IN.

  2. I just did a search within the list and I couldn’t find here ANY MUSLIM or ISLAM (e.g. CAIR) groups are involved.
    Am I missing something?!

  3. Fair warning up front. We have a pork BBQ shop on almost every other corner. We are not going to change our lifestyle to cater to immigrants. If you are offended by the smell of pork BBQ cooking in the air then you had better find another location to migrate. The Memphis are is NOT for you.

    • Whats ironic is you are ruled by Jews and they have the same belief that pork consumption is a sin. Heard of Kosher? You pay a Kosher tax on 95% of everything you buy whether your Jewish or not.

      On a side note Christians do too, that is if they bothered to read their bible when it forbids pork in 32 separate verses. Clearly modern Christianity is a pick and choose faith.

      • Alex: What a ludicrous statement, we are not ‘ruled by Jews,’ and no we do not pay a ‘kosher tax on everything we buy’, post your facts, which, you will not find. We are ruled by the Elite, and no, they are not Jews. Jewish people do not demand that everyone adhere to Judaism like Muslims do. Jews do not demand special treatment, nor do they sue for special religious rights.

    • Sounds good until they file a lawsuit and get tons of money because they’re offended when they get here. And I’m sure the government will make sure you (we) change our ways to suit theirs ……

  4. Why don’t he spend billions to help the Vets. or help SS. Anything other than to spend it on these people. Who will be on welfare and food stamps. And then start demanding its not enough. No men. If they have to bring people in let it be the women and children first

  5. We have a “prove otherwise” situation on our hands. It has something to do with continued lending by international financial entities to the US govt.

    • The use of Alinskyite labeling constitutes “fighting words” under Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire. Unless you are too poor to make litigation worthwhile, I suggest you EssTeaEffYou.

  6. Get ready for “enrichment” Spartanburg! You’re in for a wonderful experience. When times get tough, just repeat the mantra “diversity is our strength” over and over and everything will be just fine.

    What to expect: At first the “refugees” will keep their heads down and just go with the flow. Once comfortable, they’ll begin to find fault with the local culture and make demands–and any refusal to immediately meet their demands will be deemed “racist”. They will be coddled and catered to by the extreme left and, as welfare recipients, become a solid voting block for the democrat party.

    And If there’s no masjid (mosque) in your town, no worries– Saudi Arabia will gladly finance the building of one (they actually have a government dept. in Saudi that finances the building of masjids all over the world. And, lucky for you,if needed they even provide Saudi educated Imams whom teach their extreme ” Wahabbi” version of Islam! Yay!)

    Listen, if you find yourselves frustrated, just remember this: people from the third world are inherently noble beings of pure light, incapable of doing wrong. Therefore, any problems that may arise are entirely the local population’s fault.


    Asalamu Alaikum !

  7. Obama wants to make us “equal” with all the other third world countries. According to him, the U.S. is not exceptional. Just another scheme of his to bring us down, spending billions of dollars to crash the system!

    • A majority of Americans are suckers for the fake down and out story in an election. Obama proved that in both 2008 and 2012. We support most of Obama’s political supporters with our tax money and then, when it becomes obvious that he is wrecking the culture and the edinomy, we bitch about it! When will people get the hell off their asses and do something about it? Or…are we about ti make the same mistake again, led by two political Parties that are motivated only by personal greed and power seeking. Trump and Cruz are the only candidates in the 2016 electiins that will change anything…but up against the Usual suspects they will be smeared and trashed and the DC cartel will win again. Why? We don’t participate in deciding our own future, are ill informed and too lazy to pay attention to anything but the professional manipulators who, with big money support, decide the outcome of elections!

  8. Consider the world’s deadliest ideologies.
    In the 1st part of the 20th century, the dangerous ideology was Fascism, manifested in Austria, Germany, Italy, & Japan. It took a world war and 50 million dead to stamp it out.
    In the 2nd part of the 20th century the dangerous ideology was communism. Between the Soviet Union, Mao’s China and many client states, at least 100 million people were killed in its wake. Today it’s Political-Islam, the radical and violent form of Islam.

  9. Start getting the identities of those involved for “giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Once the new administration is inaugurated, prosecution may begin.

  10. That is because these refugees are nothing but a Trojan horse. We must stop them from coming to America. We can not risk the same that is happening in Paris and other European Countries.


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