LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW: Retired Intel Officer: Foley Rescue Attempt Failed Because Obama ‘Dragged His Feet’!


Earlier this summer, U.S. Special Operations forces attempted to rescue Americans held by Islamic radicals. Among them was James Foley, the journalist beheaded by ISIS terrorists. According to Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, a retired intelligence officer trained by the CIA, the operation failed because Obama dragged his feet, the Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday.

Schaffer made the claim during an appearance on WMAL radio in Washington, to The Free Beacon’s Larry O’Connor said. The report says that Shaffer told O’Connor and co-host Brian Wilson that Obama was slow to give the go-ahead for the operation.

I’m hearing from my friends in the Pentagon, they are giving him every single option way ahead of time. And let me give you a little secret here: The reason that raid into Syria failed to get Foley and those guys was because the president drug his feet. He waited too long, the intel got stale, and by the time we actually gave the “go” word it failed because we just didn’t react quick enough.

According to officials, several dozen Special Operations forces took part in the raid. The force responded to small-arms fire from Islamic State radicals, killing several. One member of the team was reportedly shot and slightly injured. The hostages, however, weren’t found and the team pulled out.



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