LIVE ON-AIR: Shooter Filmed Himself Shooting Reporters! [Video]


Disturbing footage shot personally by gunman Vester Flanagan was uploaded to social media and shows Flanagan aiming his gun at WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, in very close proximity to her and her fiance cameraman Adam Ward.


They were both about to begin exciting new chapters in their personal lives. Adam Ward, age  was engaged to be married, Alison Parker had just started a serious relationship nine months ago — and both their partners were part of their WDBJ7 station family in rural Virginia, NBC News reported.



This photo taken from her Facebook page shows WDBJ7 correspondent Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward. Alison Parker / via Facebook

NY Post reported that Vester Lee Flanagan II, a former on-air reporter who worked under the name Bryce Williams, killed Alison Parker and Adam Ward from the Roanoke affiliate WDBJ on Wednesday morning. He later shot himself and died at a nearby hospital.

The 41-year-old Roanoke resident worked with the station for about a year before being fired in 2013 after becoming increasingly “difficult” to deal with, the station’s manager, Jefferey Marks, said Wednesday during a live TV segment.

In a Twitter rant just hours after the killings, Williams complained about the way Parker, 24, and Ward, 27, treated him because he was black.

In the video, Flanagan walks up to the news crew unbeknownst to them as they film a report, waiting for about 30 seconds before he opens fire on them.

The graphic video was found on Flanagan’s Facebook page, which has since been taken down. Other uploads of the video have also been removed by Youtube and Facebook.


The shooting is believed to have been motivated by racism.

At one point, Williams’ pistol appears to be no more than 6 inches away from Parker’s face as she unknowingly continues her interview.

The Death of reporter Alison Parker and Adam Ward shot on LIVE on TV.

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  1. The voodoo continues..
    We are supposed to believe that a woman can be shot 3 times with a Glock; (in the Virginia ‘assassinations’ yesterday) No injuries at close range; No blood; Somehow she manages to run away after being shot 3 times.. and then we are to believe she died. (and 3 people standing there conveniently never notice a person standing there with the raised gun).
    This is from the exact same film producers as the French cartoonist killings;
    where a police officer was laying on the sidewalk; approached by 2 shooters (in black uniforms and someone conveniently filming the whole thing) at which point they shoot the policeman in the head at close range – with an AK-47, and … and nothing. no blood, no exploding scalp as with JFK, nothing. He just laid back down.
    It perfectly matches yesterday’s Virginia scenario..
    The lady allegedly yesterday took 3 bullets from a Glock at close range, no wounds, no blood; and somehow she could run away; but died anyway?
    Anyone who believes this, is as much a Voodoo follower as anyone in the islands.

  2. Please stop acting like you have any kind of reasoned knowledge. If one was to make up a shooting scene, don’t you think it would look more like a Hollywood shooting, to convince inexperienced people like you? Pistols don’t stop stop people instantly unless the person either chooses to lay down immediately, or the bullets hit the central nervous system. They kill by blood loss and suffocation; thus they take time to incapacitate. I’m sure if you would attend the funeral, you’ll see some real tears and lose. You are a perfect example of why drugs should be illegal.


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