Live Updates: Rep. Steve Scalise Shot In Virginia During Baseball Practice (Video)


Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) has been shot, according to multiple reports. Follow Breitbart News for live updates on the developing situation, Breitbart reports.

All times eastern:

9:53 AM — Reactions from congressional leaders:

9:51 AM — Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL) says he left just minutes before the attack:

9:47 AM —

9:45 AM —

9:33 AM — Per Michelle Moons, Rep. Gary Palmer says on Fox News:

I was about 20 yards from the shooter. We were taking batting practice. I was the short stop, Scalise was at second and Trent Kelly was at third. I heard a gunshot and I yelled to Trent, “that’s a gunshot” — I think the guy’s initial shot, he was trying to hit Trent and missed him. Trent yelled, “shooter,” and we all broke for the first base side of the field to get off the field and he fired two more times and I saw Scalise go down.

9:32 AM —

9:20 AM —

9:19 AM —

Text from Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) says shooter “was there to kill as many Republican members as possible.”

9:15 AM —

9:13 AM — No-name author gets his 15 minutes of Twitter fame:

9:12 AM — SHOCK! Pro-gun control pundit gets facts laughably wrong:

9:11 AM — Williams’ office confirms the Congressman was not shut, but a staffer was.

9:10 AM — Texas reporter contradicts Fox claim that Rep. Roger Williams was injured.

9:05 AM — Gun control group weighs in.

9:04 AM —

9:02 AM —

8:53 AM — Pence cancels event:

8:52 AM —

8:51 AM — Trump tweets:

8:49 AM — Per Michelle Moons, Rep. Brad Wenstrup says on Fox News: “I felt like I was back in Iraq but without my weapon.”

8:49 AM —

8:48 AM — Calls for prayer from across the aisle:

8:46 AM — Second Congressman among the wounded, Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX):

8:45 AM —

8:35 AM — PA Republican suggests this attack could be linked to incitement from the left:

8:34 AM — Statement from the President:

8:34 AM —

8:33 AM — Audio of Rep. Mo Brooks describing the shootout:

 8:30 AM —
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