‘Lop Her Head Off!’ CNN’s April Ryan Calls For Sarah Sanders Head (Video)

Sarah Sanders

During an appearance on CNN to discuss the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller report, April Ryan reignited her long-running feud with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in French revolutionary style, calling it time to “start lopping the heads off.”

Ryan’s colorful condemnation came after Mueller’s report claimed Sanders misled the public on the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, claiming Comey had lost the support of rank-and-file FBI agents. Sanders stood by her claim, despite admitting to Mueller that it was “not founded on anything.”

Ryan did not hold back. She took advantage of the situation to shred Sanders in the worst possible way.

“She should be let go, she should be fired, end of story,” Ryan opined on Thursday night. “When there is a lack of credibility there, you have to start lopping the heads off…she needs to go.”

Adding a layer of irony, Ryan went on to blame Sanders for threats against journalists.

“She’s calling us fake,” Ryan said. “I have to have security because of being called fake and a loser and all sorts of things from that White House.”

Was Ryan’s ‘off with her head’ a sinister call for violence or a colorful euphemism? Either way, Sanders’ father, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, stepped in to defend his daughter.

“Will the White House Correspondents’ Association revoke April Ryan’s credentials?,” he tweeted. “If not, they are gutless tools.”

Ryan responded, warning the Arkansas Republican that “If anything happens to me or mine or anyone connected to me, you and your daughter and this administration will be held accountable!” Ryan also warned Huckabee that “My people see you and will do the same for you!”

The exchange brought responses from Twitter fans of both Sarah Sanders and April Ryan.

“Look lady. You got a lot of nerve. You caused your own trouble. You just couldn’t bring yourself to apologize. Don’t act like you’re the one harmed. You have no idea how Trump supporters lives are endangered just for wearing a MAGA hat or harassed in public. YOU GOT NOTHIN”

“Ryan, you are a piece of work. Keep feeling important in your CNN world. And yes, if you get your credentials yanked you can hold the the current administration responsible. That’s who’ll proudly take credit.

Ryan’s fans, meanwhile, cheered on their hero.”

Ryan had people defending her as well.

Although combative press conferences are commonplace in President Trump’s White House, mostly from her counterpart Jim Acosta, who The New York Press Club will be awarding the “Truth to Power” award. The award honors “an individual whose body of work challenges the power establishment and/or defends journalists.”

Well, I suppose if the Washington Post and the New York Times can win Pulitzer Prizes for their outstanding reporting of the Trump/Russia collusion that never happened, it’s okay if the disrespectful, egotistical, narcissistic Trump-hating Jim Acosta takes this award.

In honor of this momentous occasion, The Daily Wire compiled a list of Acosta’s most noteworthy moments:

Throwing a hissy fit when Secret Service Agents asked to see his media credentials in May 2018.

Yelling at Trump during a White House tax bill event in June 2018.

“Fact-checking” Trump only to get “fact-checked” himself in October 2018.

Infamously having his mic taken away after he would not stop asking questions, thus preventing others from doing so.

Having his “hard pass” taken away by the Secret Service.

Reportedly having other CNN reporters say privately, “This isn’t the Jim F*ing Acosta Show. We all hate him. He’s an asshole and he actually is disrespectful to the president.”

Getting slammed indirectly by CBS News’ Major Garrett for his obnoxious behavior.

Revealing that he was writing his own book about the Trump administration and its battles with the news media.

And most recently, Acosta complained in March after he was not called on by Trump during a press conference with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, adding, “The president has, you know, a gazillion Twitter followers. He has a massive presence on Instagram, has a massive presence on Fakebook — Facebook. So do lots of other conservative figures here in the U.S. and so, you know, the president — he likes to talk about how there’s this media collusion game that is stacked against him when he has one of the most powerful social media voices throughout. And so I think that just has to be said as well, it has to be put on the record that he is sort of, you know, pulling a three card monty in terms of, you know, how he’s describing the situation.”