Los Angeles County Cop Murdered In Department Parking Lot Believed ‘Targeted,’ Manhunt Underway


Police Officer Ricardo Galvez, of Los Angeles County PD was found shot to death Wednesday night in what appears to be an assassination.  A massive manhunt for suspects is underway.


Fox News Reports:

A Los Angeles County police officer was found shot to death Wednesday night in the parking lot of police headquarters in Downey, prompting authorities to conduct a massive manhunt for suspects.

Several people were detained during the search as officials searched for an additional suspect involved in what appears to be an assassination. A large perimeter has been set up and apartment buildings have been evacuated as SWAT officers sweep the area.

The officer has been identified as Ricardo Galvez, who was a police officer for the department for five years. He was a U.S. Marine who served two tours in Operation Enduring Freedom.

The shooting occurred at about 11 p.m. in the west side of the parking lot. Galvez was in the driver’s side seat of his unmarked car nearing the end of his shift. Two suspects ran up to his car and fired into the vehicle, authorities said. Another patrol car happened to be driving in the area and heard the shots, pursued the suspects and chased them into the city of Montebello. SWAT teams are searching buildings in the city.

“We have several people detained, and we are looking for several more,” authorities said. “It appears he was targeted.”

“Words cannot express the love and respect we have for Ricky,” Carl D. Charles, the Downey police chief, said at a press conference Thursday morning. “Our department is hurting.”

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