‘Lost’ Testimony Of Bill’s Impeachment Could Cost Hillary The Election (Video)

‘Lost’ Testimony Of Bill’s Impeachment Could Cost Hillary The Election (Video)

Donald Trump said he was going to go after Hillary Clinton and just like his non-political correctness approach to all things, he is hitting Hillary hard with what will hurt her the most – the truth.


Trump kicked off his general election fight by bringing up her past as an enabler to her husband, former President Bill Clinton who has been accused of rape.

No doubt Trump will bring up Bill’s impeachment for lying under oath over his affair with Monica Lewinsky, remember this:

Former President Clinton narrowed his eyes and jabbed the air with his index finger yesterday declaring: “I want you to listen to me…. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

“I never told anybody to lie, not a single time, never,” Clinton said at the end of a news conference on child care, as his wife pursed her lips and solemnly looked on. “These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people.”

As reported in a WND exclusive, when the presumptive Republican nominee unleashes his next offensive, the centerpiece is likely to be the “lost” testimony of James Rogan, the former House impeachment manager who told all in the explosive memoir “Catching Our Flag: Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Impeachment.

‘Lost’ testimony is likely to re-emerge in 2016 campaign

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The former Republican congressman kept copious notes and detailed journal entries during the impeachment trial. These include remarks Rogan prepared but did not use because of the need to immediately respond to something said on television.

Rogan’s “lost” testimony, included for the first time in “Catching Our Flag,” includes a passionate call to defend the rule of law against a president only interested in saving himself.

His prepared remarks included:

“[The president’s] defenders now plead for no constitutional accountability for the one American uniquely able to defend – or debase – our Constitution and the rule of law. They seek to save him who cares only about saving himself. And they call for this remedy at the cost of weakening Jefferson’s revolutionary pledge, made only a few paces from this spot almost two centuries ago, of ‘equal and exact justice to all.’”

“The youth of my generation were moved by the words of another who reminded us that the rule of law must apply to all, or it would apply to none. Shortly before his tragic death, President John F. Kennedy echoed Jefferson’s sentiment. He said, ‘For one man to defy a law or court order he does not like is to invite others to do the same. This leads to a breakdown of all justice. Some societies respect the rule of force; America respects the rule of law.’”

“Should this issue be decided by reviewing the latest polling data? If your answer is ‘no’ to this question in the abstract, but you are inclined to vote for acquittal, take this self-test. Simply ask yourself if your vote on the Articles of Impeachment would be the same if the president stood at a 6-percent job approval rating instead of a 60-percent job approval rating. If that difference governs – if polls matter more than the oath to uphold the law – then yet another chip out of the marble has been struck.”

Of course, similar arguments could easily be made against presumptive Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. Her misconduct in handling emails while serving as secretary of state raises serious questions about whether someone who violated government policy and arguably broke the law and endangered American security should be rewarded with a promotion to commander in chief.

“She’s married to a man who got impeached for lying,” Trump said earlier this month.

But as Rogan describes, the impeachment trial was about even more important issues than just Clinton’s deception. And though it cost him his congressional seat, Rogan still believes trying Bill Clinton before the Senate was the right thing to do.

As Rogan reveals, there were impeachment efforts under way even before Bill Clinton’s conduct with Monica Lewinsky was revealed.

“I didn’t vote for impeachment to police Bill Clinton’s personal life,” Rogan said later. “Whether he had one affair or a thousand of them was of no moment to me. I did care deeply about the precedent his conduct set for future chief executives who might later commit the same felonies for reasons weightier than testosterone.

“Had the House failed to impeach Clinton just because of the tawdry subject matter underlying his crimes, any future president committing perjury or obstructing justice with far more destructive motives could point to the Clinton precedent and claim his conduct was not impeachable.”

Now, the “Clinton precedent” may actually set the stage for the Clintons to re-enter the White House. And as Americans confront the specter of a Clinton restoration, Rogan’s words defending the impeachment of Bill Clinton are more important than ever.

“Defending the rule of law and protecting the Constitution is the primary responsibility of any president,” he said. “All other matters pale in comparison.”

Rogan’s incredible and completely uncensored account of the tactical maneuvers and behind the scenes intrigue has been praised as riveting reading by those who were there during those historic days.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, a leading candidate to serve as Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee, says of the book: “This first-hand narrative provides a fascinating inside tale of politics, power, expediency and intimidation. Other books in this subject invariably rely on fading recollections (or wholesale fantasies). Congressman James Rogan was more than a witness; he was a leading figure in the most important trial in our country’s political and legal history.

“It is a story only he can tell.”

And the lessons Rogan tries to impart are of desperate importance to anyone concerned about constitutional conservatism or the future direction of the country, regardless of who wins the next election.

As Rogan writes: “There is a requirement that precedes obtaining the power and authority of obtaining the presidency. It is the oath of office. It is swearing to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. It is accepting the obligation that the laws are to be faithfully executed.”

Congress’ resulting obligation to ensure the president respects that oath is more important than ever.

The impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton is no longer just a matter of historical interest. It’s a battle that’s being re-fought in the headlines each and every day. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the history Bill and Hillary Clinton want to hide.

Congressman James Rogan – Clinton Impeachment Closing Argument:


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