Louie Gohmert Goes Off on Nadler After He Accused Republicans of Promoting Russian Propaganda


The debate over President Trump’s inevitable impeachment simmered for hours on the House floor Wednesday, showing no signs of swaying a single public servant in either direction.

The stagnation was expected, as the carte blanche partisanship of the impeachment fight has been tempered and galvanized time and again throughout the process.  This led to some predictable fireworks in the lower chamber of Congress today, with Republican Louie Gohmert taking particular umbrage with Democratic Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler’s characterization of the GOP’s stance.

During his remarks, Gohmert called the impeachment process an attempt by Democrats to thwart the Justice Department’s investigation “into the corruption of Ukraine interference into U.S. election in 2016.”

The Texas Republican then slammed the Democrats for jumping from allegation to allegation to justify removing the president.

The moment was undeniably tense.


Gohmert has been a vehement supporter of President Trump throughout the impeachment process, and his questioning of witnesses during the House’s hearings have made for many a viral moment.

The House is expected to impeach President Trump late Wednesday afternoon.