Maher Rips Obama For Wall St. Speech: Can’t You Live On Your $10M Book Deal? (Video)


On “Real Time” last night, Bill Maher took aim at former President Barack Obama for his planned speech to a Wall Street firm, for which Obama will reportedly be paid $400,000.

Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino broke the story this week about Obama’s September speech on health care to Cantor Fitzgerald LP, Fox News reports.

Fox Business reported that Obama, less than 100 days out of office, has agreed to speak at a Wall Street conference run by Cantor Fitzgerald LP, senior people at the firm confirm to FOX Business. His speaking fee will be $400,000, which is nearly twice as much as Hillary Clinton, his secretary of state, and the 2016 Democratic Party candidate, charged private businesses for such events.

Maher joined others on the far-left – like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren – who are calling Obama out for his apparent change of heart on the financial industry, especially after he talked tough on Wall Street “fat cats” during his time as commander-in-chief.

Maher said it would be hypocritical for progressives to blame Wall Street for destroying the middle class, but then give Obama a pass for his lucrative speech to high-earning financial professionals.

“It kind of looks like: when he’s on our team, we’re OK with it,” Maher said. “You could say that when a guy is president, he’s looking ahead to that $400,000 payday. And he’s not going to get it if, while he’s president, he’s going to do something to p*** them off.”

“So isn’t the best thing to do to take your $10 million book deal?” Maher said. “Can’t you live on that?”


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