The Mainstream Media’s Accused: The Rap Sheet is Growing, 35 So Far and Counting


To the surprise of absolutely no one, the very same mainstream media that shows favoritism to the rich and powerful, and the Hollywood elite, who have taken it upon themselves to be judge and jury of politicians and presidents alike, appears to be, nothing more than a depraved institution populated by powerful abusers and their enablers.

Over the past two months a number of powerful men have been fired or placed on suspension over allegations of sexual misconduct, horrific behavior that ranges from masturbating in front of female subordinates to pay-for-play. And time and time again we hear the words Everybody Knew! John Nolte, Breitbart reports.

You read that correctly, according to those within this wicked institution, everyone knew … and did nothing.

There is no question there is a cancer of abuse and enabling within our elite media, an institution that, through its unceasing fake news and hypocrisy on matters such as these, has deservedly lost all public trust and moral authority.

Anymore questions about why the media (along with Harveywood) want to disarm us?

Below are the names of the accused, so far. Please keep in mind what the elite media itself does not when a Republican is involved — that unless otherwise noted, these stand only as allegations.

35. Tom Ashbrook – Boston Public Radio

Placed on leave over allegations of misconduct.

34. Mike Tirico – NBC Sports Anchor

Allegations of stalking, groping and making explicit comments to female colleagues.

33. Unnamed Boston Globe Staffer

Fired over allegations he pressured women to have sex with his wife.

32. Unnamed Boston Globe Staffer

Fired for misconduct.

31. Unnamed Boston Globe Staffer

Allegations of  misconduct.

30. Unnamed Boston Globe Staffer

Fired for misconduct.

29. Unnamed Boston Globe Staffer

Fired for misconduct.

28. Larry Gaetano – NBC News’s Senior Director of News Engineering and Technical Operations 

Fired over allegations of misconduct.

27. Harold Ford Jr. – Former Democrat Congressman, Prominent MSNBC Contributor

Fired by Morgan Stanley over accusations of “harassment, intimidation, and forcibly” grabbing a woman.

26. Jonathan Schwarts – Public Radio Host

Place on indefinite leave over accusations of sexual misconduct.

25. Leonard Lopate – Public Radio Host

Place on indefinite leave over accusations of sexual misconduct.

24. John Hockenberry – Public Radio Icon

Retired early in face of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

23. Geraldo Rivera – Fox News Commentator

Accused of groping Bette Midler in 1991

20. Three Unnamed Vice Media Employees 

Fired for verbal and sexual harassment.

19. Teddy Davis – Senior CNN Producer Jake Tapper’s State of the Union

Fired over three allegations of  “behavior that does not align with the standards and values of CNN.”

18. Matt Zimmerman – Booker for NBC’s Today Show

Fired over allegations of sexual harassment.

17. David Sweeney – National Public Radio Chief News Editor

Left the company over allegations of sexual harassment.

16. Garrison Keillor – Public Radio Icon

Fired over allegations of inappropriate behavior.

15. Matt Lauer – NBC News Anchor

Fired for sexual misconduct.

14. Charlie Rose – CBS/PBS News Anchor

Fired over numerous allegations of harassment, misconduct, and groping.

13. Glenn Thrush – New York Times White House Correspondent

On suspension over multiple allegations of harassment and unwanted touching.

12. Mark Halperin – Bloomberg/NBC News Commentator

Fired over numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, unwanted sexual touching.

11. Lockhart Steele – Editorial Director Vox Media

Fired over allegation of sexual harassment.

10. Unnamed Employee – Vox Media

Resigned over allegations of sexual harassment.

9. David Corn – MSNBC Contributor/Washington Bureau Chief for Mother Jones

Multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, unwanted touching.

8. Michael Oreskes – Senior Vice President and Editorial Director for NPR

Numerous allegations of sexual misconduct.

7. Leon Wiesletier – Three Decades as Literary Editor at the New Republic

Numerous allegations of sexual harassment.

6. Hamilton Fish – Publisher New Republic

Numerous allegations of sexual harassment.

5. Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone

Confessed in non-fiction memoir to the sexual abuse and the enabling of the abuse of female staffers. Now says he made it all up.

4. Jann Wenner – Rolling Stone Owner

Accused of sexual misconduct.

3. Ian Prior – Senior Editor the Guardian

Allegations of sexual harassment, groping.

2. Unnamed Guardian Employee

Allegations of sexual harassment, groping.

  1. Matt Sullivan – Guardian

Fired over allegations of sexual misconduct, groping.

And the list will, no doubt, continue.


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