Maintenance and Overhaul Tips By JD PRICE.



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Maintenance and OVERHAUL tips from;

One of the original designers Thomas Jefferson, suggest an overhaul every 20 years.

To all my “mechanically inclined” friends.

You know when a bearing is beginning to fail it starts with a slight whine? This usually goes ignored because the machine seems fine, and before you know it, its squealing and popping, then all at once stuff starts flopping around everywhere, causing damage to pieces that would normally not be affected? This my friends is what Washington has been doing for a long time. Somebody failed when looking at the maintenance check list, and now a part has failed and has been tearing up everything else. Can you fix a worn out bearing while the machine is running?

NO! It’s best to just SHUT IT DOWN, find all the damage and begin repair, most of the parts should be replaced with new ones, preferably with American made parts, those imported ones are just too weak and untrustworthy. Right now I have a list of at least 500 broken parts in need of replacement. They are either obsolete, beyond repair or just showing signs of corrosion and corrupted data from their original design. Most of the problems are showing up on the extended/added on parts of the machine that it was originally not designed with. The machine was running fine up until somewhere between 1865 and 1913. The maintenance staff has been unqualified idiots, trying to patch it up, or add parts in an attempt to make it do something it wasn’t designed for (socialism). This time more paper and more money Is not going to fix it. We can rebuild it! We have the technology! We even have the original design plans. In fact the warranty is still good from the manufacturer (we the people) ! SHUT IT DOWN, an lets get to replacing some parts. It’s time to get this old thing running again!

By JD Price.

If you fail to prepare for everything, you have successfully prepared for NOTHING!

“Non sibi sed patriae”
It is time to water the tree of Liberty.
“A Republic can only survive by its Patriots spilling the blood of tyrant predators.
[Bill Bohart]


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