Man Arrested After Claiming To Be Transgender, Filming Women In Restroom (Video)


Jason Pomare, 33, entered the bathroom in Palmdale, California at Macy’s, wearing a bra and dress and what happens next should not surprise you.  He sets up a hidden camera in one of the stalls and for the next two hours, tapes women using the bathroom.

Eventually, one woman noticed the camera with the record light on and notified mall security, who arrested Pomare.  There was absolutely no way for anyone to see this coming, was there?


NBC Los Angeles reported that charges were filed Tuesday against a man who wore a wig and women’s clothing to disguise himself as he allegedly used a concealed camera to record “hours” of video of women in a Los Angeles-area department store restroom.

Jason Pomare, 33, of Palmdale, was arrested Saturday after customers contacted security officers at a Macy’s store to report a man in the women’s restroom. The security officers contacted a deputy, who was on patrol at the Antelope Valley Mall (map) when he saw a man matching the subject’s description leave the store.

When the deputy found the man hiding in a mall storage area, the subject was wearing a wig, women’s clothing and bra, according to a statement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“The deputy noticed he was wearing a wig and appeared to have breasts,” said Sgt. Brian Hudson, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Pomare was charged with six counts of unlawful use of a concealed camera for purposes of sexual gratification. After his arrest, investigators said a video camera found in his purse had “hours” of video of women using the restroom inside the store.

The suspect pointed the concealed camera under restroom stalls, but one woman recognized the camera’s red recording light and contacted security officers, investigators said. Pomare told detectives he had been in the restroom for about two hours, said Hudson.

Anyone with information about the case can contact detectives at 1-800-222-8477.

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  1. While I am not supportive of transgenders using the restroom of the sex they’re dressing as, nothing in the actual report says he claimed to be a transgender, as you sensationalist headline suggests.

    • Should we watch the flame run all the way down the wick to the dynamite and explode before we say it is in fact dynamite?

    • I am in complete agreement Theresa. The first case of toilet recordings I heard of was 20 years ago. They were set up by a male janitor. This is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence. And although the man attempted to disguise himself, don’t be fooled. This has nothing to do with transgenders using the restroom. It has to do with assault and infringement of privacy by a criminal.

  2. I should think dressing as a woman, and using a women’s bathroom is enough proof of a transgender claim. It wasn’t Halloween! How about using some common sense Theresa!

    • Here I have some common sense for you. Theres this thing called a crissdresser, which is not the sake as transgender. Now I know that might be too hard for you to understand but a man dressing in womens clothing doesn’t instantly mean transgender. Sorry if this is too much common sense for you

    • Here I have some common sense for you. Theres this thing called a crossdresser, which is not the same as transgender. Now I know that might be too hard for you to understand but a man dressing in womens clothing doesn’t instantly mean transgender. Sorry if this is too much common sense for you

    • So if someone pretends to be a security guard at a bank and uses his likeness as a security guard to try to rob the bank CLEARLY he was a rogue security guard and not someone trying to use a disguise to get what he wanted.

    • Here’s some common sense for you. He wasn’t transgender. He dressed as a woman so that he could go into the woman’s room and take pictures. Couldn’t very well go in in his man clothes.

      • What difference does it make? It’s not as though they fill out a questionnaire before entering. If you have a y chromosome, I don’t want you in the restroom with me no matter how you identify yourself.

        Unbelievable! Have people gone so far down the rabbit hole that this is an issue? There are now people who feel as though they are animals trapped in humans body. Or people who think they are a disabled person trapped in an able body; so, they actually maime themselves. Stop humoring these people. This is a mental health issue; they need intense therapy.

  3. It doens’t matter if they are transgender or not. The crime was that they filmed someone against their will in a restroom, not that they were there in the first place. DUH.

  4. Cross dressing or “transgender” either way if you have a penis you shouldn’t be allowed in the womens bathroom and vis versa with a vagina. I’m not against either of the two but when it violates rights to others that’s when it’s wrong. These new laws allowing transGENDER into the opposite SEX bathroom is wrong. Now if your a transgender and get your reassignment surgery and are now a transexual by all means use the bathroom according to your genitals but until then use the appropriate bathroom because there is no way to tell if you are really trans, cross dressing, or just plain sicko trying to peep on woman. But now a days the trans community has blurred the lines between gender and sex and it’s very much cut and dry you can identify as being a woman but until you get your surgery you are still fully male according to your genitals and again vis versa for trans men and should ahear to the laws of your sex.

  5. Sorry to burst the bubble, but this is a three year old story, and happened before California passed the transgender public access law. So the story is moot.

  6. This happened 3 years ago lol. Fuck you Renee Johnson, trying to segregate anyway you can. People like you need to grow up. If you’re so scared, fucking go to the restroom with your child.

  7. A person filming in a restroom has a screw loose. Male, female, transgender, they need to be stopped. I don’t think this is a “transgender in the restroom” issue, this is an unhinged person in the restroom issue.

  8. That, my readers, is a tweeker…a methamphetamine addict. VERY common in the Antelope Valley area, which includes Palmdale. Tweekers can’t perform much sexually, and rely on porn to tittilate themselves. I hope they did a tox screen on him; he’ll do 3 years at half in statie…I HOPE. Tweekers are the scourge of the earth, as this one demonstrates.

  9. Further, this guy is NOT a tranny…no WAY. He’s a tweeker posing as a tranny to get in there and make some homemade porn.

  10. Stupid far right propaganda. You’ve got date the incident occurred off by a few years…. All this proves is that it doesn’t take a sign on a bathroom or state ordinance for creepy weirdos to do something they want to do, like filming people taking shits and going pee. Only a sick person wants to film that. Wake up, sheep.


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