Man Shot by Drug Dealer At Jack In The Box Two Days After Guns Banned At Jack In The Box



Last week, fast food restaurant chain ‘Jack in the Box’ caved to an anti-second amendment group, Moms Demand Action, and restricted guns from being brought on any ‘Jack in the Box’ property. Law abiding citizens seemed to head the company’s order, however, and surprise, surprise, a local drug dealer in Nashville, Tennessee did not.

Only two days after guns were banned at ‘Jack in the Box’ a customer who had pulled into the parking lot at one of their Nashville locations was approached and solicited by a man selling drugs. The customer said no, but the drug dealer was persistent. An argument ensued and the drug dealer pulled out a gun and shot the law abiding ‘Jack in the Box’ customer in the leg before speeding away.

The criminal drug dealer was not captured. He is described as a black man in his mid-thirties. He is approximately 5’8″ tall and he was wearing blue jeans and a blue hooded t-shirt at the time of the shooting.

‘Jack in the Box’ Vice-President, Brian Luscomb said this of the gun ban:

Creating a warm and inviting environment for all of our guests and employees is a top priority for Jack in the Box. The presence of guns inside a restaurant could create an uncomfortable situation for our guests and employees and lead to unintended consequences. While we respect the rights of all our guests, we would prefer that guests not bring their guns inside our priority for Jack in the Box.

Obviously, only the law abiding citizens received his message, and the criminals did not.


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