Marine Defends Flag at Beau Biden’s Funeral – Get’s Arrested [Video]


A US Marine was arrested for defending the American flag after protesters began to walk all over it.  When Vietnam Veteran Richard Pierce saw a Westboro Baptist Church protester at Beau Biden’s funeral walking on an American flag he taught her a lesson she won’t soon forget. He ‘spilled’ his coffee all over her.


Bill Chandler with TPNN reported that A U.S. Marine who served in Vietnam ‘spilled’ his coffee on a Westboro Baptist Church protester after she disrespected the American flag at Beau Biden’s funeral.

Even though Pierce is a Republican who did not vote for Biden he respected for his loss and he wanted to make sure there was no trouble during the procession.

“It was not my intention to cause a problem,” Pierce said. “However, when I saw the young lady walking across the highway, dragging our flag under her feet, I lost my temper and the only way that I could demonstrate that is spill my coffee on them.”

Pierce threw his cup of coffee on girl who had been trampling on the U.S. flag.

“So many people have died in defense of that flag,” Pierce said. “I don’t care who you are, you are not going to disrespect the flag. And if I have to go to jail to defend that flag, I’m going to do it. I take that very strongly.”

Pierce was then arrested for disorderly conduct, but it looks like America has his back. Even Delaware House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf, a Democrat, posted:

“Your decision to peacefully stand up to protect the Biden family from the hateful words and signs that those nitwits from Westboro Church were displaying shows the class and respect that we feel should be shown when a family and state is mourning their loss.”


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