Mark Levin Disgusted By Fox New’s “Reality TV Show” Debate [Video]


Mark Levin calls the Republican presidential debate a “spectacle,” and suggests that Fox moderators had an agenda to increase their ratings, and humiliate Donald Trump. 

Levin was disgusted by Fox New’s “Reality TV Show” handling of the debate, especially Trump’s Rosie O’Donnell “fat pig slob” question.


Rickwells Reports:

Against the backdrop of the Fox News debate, Mark Levin, who is a frequent guest on that network, or at least who was prior to his sincere comments, said he never wants to again hear talk radio derided by any of the cable news or other media outlets. He notes that the supposed debate was more of a reality show and that the most real communication venue for the important matters facing our nation is the often criticized talk radio.

Levin points out that the conduct that was engaged in before 24 million viewers on Thursday night was unfitting of the event and that the amount of time taken up by the moderators indicates the network had a ratings agenda and wanted to make the debate about their network personalities as much as anything else. The post-debate debate has certainly accomplished that objective though not in the manner they might have sought.

He decries the atmosphere that the spectacle created for the next eight debates and how the Democrats must be loving it. He ask, “You know who enjoyed this debate the most last night? He answers his own question; Barack Obama, then notes that the contrast between the early and the late debates could not be greater. He points out there were two real journalists at the five pm debate who did a very good job.

Levin had no problem with the first question as many did, but he was taken aback by the second one, which he described as itself being a spectacle. He says the network executives signed off on every syllable of that question and it was clearly intended to create a spectacle. That question involved a reality TV topic, Trump’s spat with Rosie O’Donnell, which Levin considers content that was not suited for a serious debate over who would be our future president. That question, he believes, is proof this was not a serious political exercise but a totally ratings-driven event.

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  1. Mark Levin is an idiot. He is the one who wants to help the commies destroy our Constitution with a Constitutional Convention. He is the one who is pushing yet another illegal candidate. This prick must work for Obama.

  2. Megyn Kelly is a trailer park bimbo, Brett Bair is devoid of historical context, and Chris Wallace is stupid about business. Trump exposes them all. Rosie O’Donnell is a fat pig. Trump is a 10 Billionaire after three bankruptcies he managed into his favor. Moreover, the GOP is dead. Trump means to bury it. This is historical; has happened only one other time in our history.

  3. George Hale , right on spot with your diagnosis . it is obvious that their TARGET was not who would be the BEST candidate for the nomination. rather a “GET TRUMP” campaign in which Donald stood Tall and made Idiots of them all. Megan Kelly most of all…. my Hats off to TRUMP…


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