Mark Levin Shreds Jon Stewart’s Pro-Hamas Statements: ‘Have You Ever F’ing Seen Israel, You Little Twerp?’


On a recent segment of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart mocked Israel’s missile defense and warning systems, as well as how it warns those in Gaza of impending attacks like dropping flyers warning civilians to vacate the area; when is the last time Hamas did that? Never.

Radio host Mark Levin was not amused, and he first commented on Israel’s actions to prevent unneeded casualties:

As you well know, the Israelis are doing everything humanly possible to use their technology and their weaponry to limit civilian casualties. But Hamas is doing everything possible to kill its own people, because apparently that’s the price of a good press release.

After playing a clip from Stewart’s show, Levin became incensed:

Have you f’ing seen Israel, you little twerp?! Have you f’ing seen what surrounds Israel, you little twerp?! Is Hamas giving warnings to Jews in Israel, you little twerp?! What about the fallout shelters, you little twerp; have you looked at those and the gas masks and the sirens day-in and day-out, you little twerp?!

Levin went on in a mocking tone:

Oh, that Jon Stuart Leibowitz, man, I’ll tell you what, he’s the cutting edge, smart as smart can be. Funny too, really funny, except when his writers go on strike, then he has to take a vacation. Oh, this guy’s great! He’s so smart, I’ve seen him on FOX! Oh yes, the man is celebrated. You oughta hear his jokes about the Holocaust; the guy’s got a million of them. It’s very funny, very good. He’s got quite a stand-up routine.


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