MARTIAL LAW Declared In New York City

MARTIAL LAW Declared In New York City

It’s the nagging fear that many Americans have about our government: what would happen if martial law was declared? New York City just found out, at least temporarily.


Washington D.C. as well as eleven other states have declared ‘states of emergency’ in the aftermath of the massive record-breaking snowstorm that blanketed the East.

WND reported that New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo took it a step further and declared martial law in New York City by ordering people to stay inside under police enforcement. He issued an absolute travel ban for anything that is not an emergency vehicle.

The New York Police Department put out a blunt announcement on Saturday: “After 2:30 p.m. and you’re on the road, we will arrest you.”


The NYPD emphasized the need for safety, sending out additional Tweets:

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  • “We are asking people to make good common sense decisions. Use your head.”
  • “Last year no one got arrested. People made the right decisions. We are looking for that again today.”

Reactions ranged from outraged to amused.

  • “Threatens arrest citizens for being on the streets 1 day due to snow. Illegals are free to roam the other 364.”
  • “Haha. Arrest away then fella’s.”
  • “Calm down chief!”
  • “Shouldn’t you help them get to their destinations safely instead of arresting them?”
  • “What if this person is trying to get home?”
  • “I get that the roads need to be clear for 911, but isn’t that a bit extreme?”
  • “You are gonna have to arrest me, and I’ll take it to court. This is appalling. I want to leave NYC!”
  • “You all drive prius’s How in the world are you going to arrest me & my 4×4 with them?”
  • “You have made NYC go full Fascist!”
  • “Russia now has more freedom than NYC!!!!!!”
  • “*** martial law over a snowstorm. I pity us when there’s an actual emergency.”

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department said the ban just means no vehicles on the roads. Walking, running, and bicycles are permitted. “They can pedal all they want,” said the spokesman

The police also requested that people not walk in the streets so people could do their job.


The travel ban was lifted approximately 7 a.m. on Sunday.


Read the full story at WND.


Photos: WND


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