Massachusetts Passes Sex ed Plan To Teach Anal Sex To Sixth Graders


Massachusetts passes sex-ed plan to teach anal sex to six year old children.  One sex education guide getting the thumbs up from the state is titled, “Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works,” published by Planned Parenthood.


EAG News Reports:

BOSTON – Supporters of “comprehensive” sex education have a way of making their preferred curriculum seem logical and harmless.

In Massachusetts, for instance, the Senate passed a bill on Wednesday calling for “medically accurate and age appropriate” sex education.

One newspaper said the legislation would require schools “to teach about both abstinence and contraception, as well as healthy relationships.”

That’s not the kind of language that is going to stir a great deal of opposition, among citizens or their elected representatives.

“When the average legislator sees this till, it seems innocuous enough, but it involves some pretty obscene stuff,” said Andrew Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, which will lobby against the bill in the state House in January, following the legislature’s holiday recess.

The devil, as always, is in the details. The fact is that SB 2048, which was approved by the Senate 32-6, forces all Massachusetts schools districts that teach sex education to use a curriculum deemed appropriate by the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

But a sampling of that curriculum immediately raises the question of age appropriateness. What’s appropriate to state bureaucrats may not sit well with a lot of parents or local school board members.

In fact, a lot of people would probably be shocked by what the state wants children to learn at very young ages.

One sex education guide getting the thumbs up from the state is titled, “Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works,” published by Planned Parenthood. Here are a few examples of its lessons:

One explains that a dental dam is “placed over the vulva or anus during oral sex. It says people can also use non-microwavable saran wrap.”

Sixth-graders need to know that for what reason, exactly?

Another describes a scenario where “Brittany’s girlfriend wants to have oral sex with her. Brittany really likes her girlfriend, and her friends say that having oral sex will bring them closer together.”

Another tells about how “Erika and Cameron use condoms as their method of birth control. So far, they’ve used a condom every time they’ve had vaginal intercourse, but Cameron wants to see what it feels like without a condom. He asks Erika if they can try it just once without a condom and says he can pull out before he comes.”

Yet another lesson “discusses the use of an internal condom that is inserted into the anus. It is said to act as a barrier, but warns that it may slip out of place during vaginal or anal intercourse. It warns that it may be difficult to insert.”

There doesn’t seem to be much of an emphasis on saying “no.” That’s because, according to many experts, “comprehensive sex education” is built on the presumption that all teens will have sex, and there is nothing morally objectionable about it.

“This all comes from a philosophy that treats sexual activity among teens amorally,” said Andrew Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute. “The only concern is preventing disease and unwanted pregnancy. There is no moral component to it at all.

“They believe that children are sexual beings. They have no problem with allowing 11-year-olds to have anal sex, just so it’s done safely.”

Under current law, Massachusetts school boards, in consultation with parents, have the right to determine their own sex education curriculums, based on what they believe is proper and age appropriate for the children of their communities.

They are free to choose to Planned Parenthood standards, or put more emphasis on the wisdom of abstinence.

SB  2048 takes away that freedom, which is a major point of  objection for Beckwith and his allies.

“What the legislation does it take control from school boards and give it to a state body that believes anal sex is appropriate for 11-year-olds,”  Beckwith said.

While there will certainly be a lot of support for the legislation in the state House, with its overwhelming Democratic majority, Beckwith says there is hope of defeating it.

“The battle over this bill is in the House, as it has been in prior years,’ Beckwith said. “We definitely have some conservative representatives who will expose this bill for what it actually does to children and schools.”

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  1. Are you freakin kidding me? I think all the pervert Teachers and Administration should all pass a lie detector test if they are prrverts and ever seduced or raped any kids ever or fondled any kid before they have that right to anyone’s kids.
    Parents go in and fight it all together. No one ever taught us and believe me don’t worry about our kids and how they perform sex.
    They need to all get arrested for child sex abuse.
    I don’t even do that shit and I am an adult. You are going to make kids go around doing this dhit all over the place when some do not even want sex,they want to wait. What A holes dome people are turning into. Kids are precious and innocent.
    Pull your kids out of school and all protest outside the School and call a TV station to be there to show the World what trash is teaching your kids.

    • This Is What Happens When GOD And The Bible Are Taken Out Of Our Country And DEVIANCY Is Allowed To Take Over Everything AS Normal Behavior,…This Is Also What You Get When You Elect A MUSLIM PRESIDENT That Does Not Care About Any MORALS And VALUES,…And Lets The DIRTY Supreme Court Completely ABOLISH D.O.M.A……..It Will Continue To Get Much Worse Until The People Of This Country Have Had Enough Of This DEVIANT BEHAVIOR Being Pushed On Them And Their Children In Schools

  2. Why do these people hate “innocence” so much? Is it “bad” to want to “wait.” What about VIRGINITY…PURITY. Marriage, ideally, is to be the 1st time one has sex. What is wrong with that? The one thing that stuck out, in this article, was the notion that it is “natural” to use a “dental” dam, when having “anal” sex. Excuse me…You are telling these children that it is “normal” and “natural” for them to “eat someone’s asshole.” Is that what I was supposed to garner from this story? Why not tell the children that one defecates from one’s ass. Excrement is one of the MOST TOXIC substances on Earth. Why not tell these kids how nasty this activity is? Who would want to kiss someone whose mouth has been in someone’s asshole? Is this what “political correctness” means? To tell children that a “shameful” and “despicable” action, like this, is OK and “wholesome” and acceptable? I would never permit someone else to teach my children about sex, because what that someone teaches my child, may not be what I would teach them. And, I would never raise the issue of sex with a child, anyway. Let these children enjoy their young lives, without encumbering them with this sort of sexual nonsense. We all see that the liberal lobby is trying to brainwash, any semblance of Christian morality, from our children. They want to replace it with the promiscuous hedonism practiced by the elite. Pedophilia, bestiality, masterbatation, adultry, homosexuality…all practiced and promoted by the political, church and corporate leaders, today. Imagine, a pedophile president. Or an adulterous college administrator. They promote this immorality because they want to legitimize it in the mainstream. Go figure….

  3. This is a lie! This is not what they plan to teach the children. Don’t believe everything you read, especially from this rag!! What a shame that they don’t publish truthful facts!!

  4. MY remedy for this pervsion is to have the kids do this:
    when they teach them that anal sex is sex (which it is not – it is abuse)
    the kids all chant
    na na na na na na na na na na na na

    and they can all pull out a banana and stick it in their ears.

    if anal sex is sex then sticking a banana in your ear is ear eating

    this pushback will make the idiot teacher who is a change agent, flip out and turn white and run out of the room and throw up. end of problem

    these teachers are not being taught how to teach reading. I met a young teacher who went to teachers college 2 years ago who took no courses in teaching reading it is all about using them to indoctrinate kids in perversions and social engineering agendas – make them atheists and global citizens as preparation for world government. they don’t want them to read or think. if they can read they can think. they want obedient robots
    BENJAMIN BLOOM THE FATHER OF OBE SAID ‘the purpose of education is to change the thoughts feelings and behaviors of children

    see my video on youtube
    Weenies don’t belong in backsides by prophetess D

  5. Jews want to wipe out humanity. All this rape culture, men are terrible, makes young men turn to other men just to stay SANE. They want no births at all except Jewish births.
    That is what this is all about.
    Women need to reject this BS and see it for what it is.


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