Maxine Waters: Americans too Dumb to Understand “Danger” Trump Poses to Country (Video)

Maxine Waters: Americans too Dumb to Understand “Danger” Trump Poses to Country (Video)

Rep. Maxine Waters is still harping on the Russia collusion narrative and putting all her faith in dirty cop Robert Mueller turning up something on President Trump so she can follow through with her dream of impeaching 45.

What Mad-Max does not understand is that there is more chance of her being impeached than the president because comparing the two, Trump has accomplished more for the country since he became president than Waters has done during her entire political career.

Refusing to accept or acknowledge President Trump’s accomplishments, Waters questioned the American people’s ability to recognize who is a danger to our Republic.

The Hill reports:

Maxine Waters expressed concern that Americans do not fully understand what she called the “danger” of President Trump and his actions regarding the Russia investigation.

Waters, one of Trump’s most vocal critics in the House, told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that despite the multiple indictments that have resulted from the investigation, American people do not fully understand the connections between Trump and Russia.

“They should know that something is terribly wrong,” Waters said.

“Given all we have learned about this president, all the connections of his allies and the people around him to Russia … there’s not an understanding about the danger of this president and the way that he has lied,” she added.

Waters also said that she finds it “frustrating” that neither Republicans nor Democrats have taken what she thinks is an appropriate stance against the president.

“The Republicans are not standing up and parting from this man, and the Democrats feel that if somehow we continue to talk about him or focus on him that that’s going to go against us rather than help us.”

“I believe he is dangerous,” she added. “Unless we move collectively in a bipartisan way, this man is going to be very destructive to our democracy.”

Many were offended that Waters insinuated that somehow she were able to see a side of the president that we don’t when in fact, her hate for the president makes her blind to all his accomplishments, which is damaging to the country.

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