Maxine Waters: No Evidence… But Russian Money Was Funneled Into Trump’s Election and NRA (Video)


Rep. Maxine Waters, chair of the House Finance Committee, told MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Saturday that she has no proof that Russia had anything to do with the Trump campaign, but she is positive something took place, so all the committees that the Democrats run will continue to search some connection between Russia and President Trump.

Reid asked Waters, “Is there any evidence that your committee has uncovered that Russian money was actually funneling not just potentially into the presidential election, but into some of the congressional races as well?”

Waters response: “I don’t have that evidence yet, but we believe that this is true and particularly, as you have heard, we believe that there has been some Russian money put into the NRA operation and so a number of things are being looked at.

We have five committees that are looking at all of this. I happen to be financial services. We have the Judiciary Committee. We have the oversight committee. We have the foreign affairs committee. And we have ways and means looking at the tax returns.

We’re meeting together and we’re trying to make sure that we are focused on each one of these issues and we’re not I do work in connection with one of those committees where we are looking at Deutsch bank.”

The Democrats will spend the next two years trying to take down President Trump.

Their main topics of conversation, and their only focus has been impeaching Trump, and helping thousands, and inevitably millions of immigrants, including illegals who cross the U.S. Mexico borders, free access to the United States, which will include benefits, and more importantly, voting rights.

The Democrats plan goes farther than removing President Trump from office, or ensuring he is not reelected in 2020, they are trying to guarantee a strong enough Democratic base, which will consist of American citizens, and none citizens, to ensure that they not only win in 2020, but every presidential election going forward.