Media Meltdown Over Kellyanne Conway Sitting On Oval Office Couch


A photo of senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway sitting on a couch in the Oval Office, while taking photos of President Trump as he met with leaders of historically black universities and colleges, spurred outrage and debate on social media.

Leading the pack was Buzzfeed’s Deputy news director Jon Passantino, who said “Conservatives were pissed Obama put his feet on Oval Office desk. Watch their reaction tonight,” Jerome Hudson, Breitbart reports.














Motherboard reporter Sarah Emerson‏ said the Conway couch photo made her want “to go to therapy.”

Heat Street co-founder Louise Mensch said Conway was classless.

Meanwhile some liberal journalists, including Mother Jones editor Ben Dreyfuss, argued that far worse things had been done on White House furniture.

WashPo’s Chris Cillizza concurred:

“This is all par for the Internet outrage/partisan police,” Cillizza wrote.

Soon, social media was being inundated with several photos of President Barack Obama sitting on and placing his feet on the Resolute Desk.

Lost in all the Conway faux fuss was President Trump’s important and historic meeting with leaders of historically black universities and college.


  1. Stupid Liberals and Media, putting your shoes upon a desk or table is extremely disrespectful. Sitting on a couch is not. Y’all must have been born and brought up in a barn. I bet y’all think your poop don’t smell.
    Nothing, but hypocrites.

  2. a standard process with the communist media , cause a fur ball to distract from the real reason for the meeting in the first place .true to the alinski play book….

  3. Wow! This is absolutely stupid! She’s sitting on a couch. Shoes off… She is NOT doing what Bill did in the Oval Office, and she is not covering up what he did like HRC continues to do. So… get over it. What a bunch of babies. I think ‘snowflakes’ is a word that has lost its luster!

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice if every one of these hypocrites and bootlickers choked on their own tongues as they were gasping in shock?


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