Media SLAMS Obama’s Post-Paris Attack Speech: “He Has No Strategy, He’s Completely CLUELESS” (Video)


President Obama is under attack from the media for his G20 speech. The media is referring to him as ‘clueless and completely off base’ for insisting that his security measures are enough to ensure that no radical Islamist’ are entering the United States, when in fact they are.


Obama practically called Americans Islamophobic when he said that proposals by Republicans to house Christian refugees but not Muslim refugees was “un-American and shameful“:

“When I hear folks say that maybe we should just admit the Christians but not the Muslims, when I hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which person who is fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted, when some of those folks themselves come from families who benefited from protection when they were fleeing political persecution, that’s shameful. That’s not American. That’s not who we are.”

Watch Dana Perino, Eric Bolling, Jesse Watters, Juan Williams, and Kimberly Guilfoyle talk about the Executive Branch and White House on Guilfoyle and The Five.


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