Media Won’t Identify Once-Deported Murderer Who Raped Woman As ‘Illegal’

A man arrested for sexually assaulting a Texas mother in front of her child was not identified as a criminal illegal immigrant by local media, despite the man being previously deported following a homicide conviction, Info Wars reports.

On January 16, Mexican national Juan Lopez, 46, raped an Austin woman in a vehicle at knifepoint while her toddler sat in the backseat.ABC affiliate KVUE has the story, however, an article by the media outlet does not identify Lopez as an illegal alien, an illegal immigrant, an undocumented migrant, or by any other such term that would have better informed their readers:

The arrest affidavit states Lopez and the victim have known each other for more than a year, and would frequently provide rides to each other. Police say Lopez arranged to get a ride from the victim on Jan. 16, and was providing her with verbal instructions as they drove along southbound Interstate 35. The affidavit also stated the victim’s toddler son was riding in the back seat.

According to the affidavit, Lopez told the victim to take exit 223 for Creedmoor and pulled a knife on her as they drove along the frontage road. He told the victim to pull over on a private drive, and police say he pulled the victim out of the vehicle and sexually assaulted her.

KXAN reports the mother attempted to argue with the man, saying, “No, my son is in the car,” and that Lopez stated, “I don’t give a damn.”

Reports state police found Mexican forms of identification on Lopez when they arrested him last Thursday, with one identifying him as “Delfino Torres-Solorio.” They later learned “Torres-Solorio” had been convicted of a Travis County homicide charge in 1987.

In 2009, Lopez was released from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and deported to Mexico. It’s unknown when he made his way back into the US.

Lopez is currently locked up at the Travis County jail charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault, two felony counts.

He’s being held on $150,000 bond, and is under an “ICE detainer,” despite the current entanglement between the Travis County sheriff and Texas Governor Greg Abbott over complying with a new federal mandate targeting “sanctuary city” policies.

Lopez is undoubtedly the type of criminal illegal immigrant targeted under Donald Trump’s immigration plans, and covering this story in the right context would go a long way in spurring support for the president’s executive actions. However, Austin media outlets failed to create accurate headlines which would have better informed their audiences of the criminal alien who was in their midsts.

NBC affiliate KXAN called Lopez a “suspect” in their headline – no mention that he was a murderous, previously-deported illegal immigrant.

KVUE and The Austin-American Statesman came closest to identifying Lopez as a criminal illegal, but stopped just short – instead describing him as “previously deported.”

But Fox 7 Austin took the cake – its headline makes Lopez seem like an ordinary “Austin man.”

It’s up to the media to report the truth to the American people, even when illegals like Lopez prove Trump right.

When local press goes out of its way to obscure the truth, they also prove Trump’s point that establishment media is “fake news.”

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