Megyn Kelly on Kavanaugh, Ford Hearings: Dems ‘Should Be Happy That This is Not a Trial’ (Video)


Thursday on NBC’s “Today” show, Megyn Kelly weighed in on Judge Brett Kavanaugh hearings over sexual assault accusations by Christine Blasey Ford , saying, “Democrats should be happy” it is not a trial because Dr. Christine Blasey Ford “would likely lose.”

“The Democrats should be happy that this is not a trial because if it were, she would likely lose,” Kelly declared. “[Kavanaugh] would likely be awarded the presumption of innocence, she would have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. We’re 36 years out, she has no corroborating witnesses. And she’d have a jury, as does Brett Kavanaugh, that’s completely biased and made up its mind going into the proceeding.”

Mediaite reports:

As Judge Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Thursday, refuting sexual assault allegations from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Megyn Kellyoffered supportive remarks for the SCOTUS nominee, sympathizing with his emotional dismissal of the claims.

Reviewing the proceedings on an NBC panel discussion after Kavanaugh’s remarks kicked off, Kelly said she witnessed a remarkable amount of Republicans on Twitter who’ve expressed they “are with him.”

“They feel for him,” she said. “And how can you not? I mean she gets up there and gives this incredibly moving, emotional testimonial about what happened to her when she was 15, and then he gets up there and you can see the toll this has taken on him.”

Kavanaugh gave an emotional opening statement following Ford’s testimony, starting by ripping into the left for what described as a “calculated and orchestrated political hit,” then tearing up while discussing his calendars that detailed his whereabouts during the 1980s when the alleged assault occurred. He’s argued those diaries corroborate his claim that Ford’s story is false.

Kelly felt that the judge’s comments showed the personal impact of the accusations.

“The toll of the behavior of the people who have been attacking him was evident in the emotions he showed just there,” Kelly added. “And he wasn’t going after her, he was going after the Democrats.”


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