Melania Bullied on Twitter For Her Looks and Accent After Anti-Bullying Speech

Melania Bullied on Twitter For Her Looks and Accent After Anti-Bullying Speech

First Lady Melania Trump revealed her signature campaign to combat bullying and drug use Monday afternoon at the White House, and the internet reacted by making fun of her accent.

The campaign, called “BE BEST,” is aimed at creating a healthy lifestyle for students on social media and in the classroom as well as preventing opioid abuse among students. In her speech at the White House, Melania said:

“There are too many critical issues facing children today so the three main pillars of BE BEST will include well-being, social media use, and opioid abuse. We can and should teach children the important of social and self-awareness, positive relationship skills, and responsible decision making.”

The First Lady was enjoying herself, and as always, she looked stunning.

However, the anti-cyberbullying nature of the program was completely missed by some influential commentators.

Verified twitter accounts of online influencers and reporters made fun of the First Lady’s accent, even though Melania is an immigrant who was born in Slovenia and speaks five languages.

Others online attacked the Trump children as “total assholes.”

Others used the opportunity to attack Melania’s looks, specifically her skin color.

Still, others used the death of children in school shootings to attack Melania and the president.

Watch President Trump sign the Be Best proclamation. 

Photos: Reuters



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