Member of Japanese Parliament : Obama Divorce is an ‘Open Secret’, Barack Cheats on Michelle With Help From Secret Service (Flashback)




The office of the POTUS is not unfamiliar with accusations of adultery among other various scandals, but perhaps the current accuser is a bit odd…

Kazuyuki Hamada, is part if Japan’s upper parliament, and has just accused Barack Obama of extra marital affairs, claiming it is an “open secret” that the Obamas are headed for divorce. He goes on to allege that secret service has long covered for the POTUS in his hanky panky, and is angered that Michelle was not in tow during his recent trip to Tokyo.

Hamada, who earned his PHD at George Washington University, is more recently known for his criticism of Obama’s identity, and has made a name for himself in the birther community with his book that begs the question: “Who is Obama?” 

Hamada has also joined the ranks of those claiming a divorce is not only imminent, but pre-arranged following the Obama’s exit from the white house.

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