Merkel Finally Admits She REGRETS Open-Door Migrant Policy (Video)


The majority of Americans are opposed to a continuation of large scale immigration.  We watch Europe, see their mistakes and pray our leaders will avoid them.  Unfortunately, the Obama administration insists on increasing the number of Syrian refugees to the U.S. by 100,000 over the next two years.

Angela Merkel, following a devastating defeat in the Berlin Germany elections today, has finally acknowledged her share of the responsibility for pushing her parties refugee-friendly migrant policy, allowing over a million refugees to flood into Germany.

According to The Express UK ,speaking at a news conference in Berlin, she said: “If I could, I would turn back the time by many, many years.”

The German premier admitted she could have been better prepared for the influx of migrants last year.She added if she knew how people wanted her to change her migrant policy she would consider it.And she admitted Germany had not been “world champions” in integrating migrants in the past, saying it would take time to integrate them.Monday’s defeat is the second in two weeks, with the Chancellor being defeated in her own constituency in the state of Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania.

Attacks by migrants and clashes with Germans have plagued the country over the past year as they struggle to cope with the numbers unprecedented in modern times.Sounding particularly conciliatory, Mrs Merkel added that if the wish of the German people was for the country not to be swamped with uncontrolled and unregulated migration “then that is exactly what I am fighting for”.Right-wing party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), made big gains during the weekend’s state elections as Germans reacted to Mrs Merkel’s policy.The German Chancellor said her party needed to reach out to AfD supporters and she is still motivated to lead the country and her party.


She said: “Back in 1989, when the wall came down, it looked like we were on the right path, that everyone else just needed to imitate our model.”But it turned out that it’s not that easy.””The saying ‘we can do this’ is part of my political work. I really don’t want to repeat it anymore. Some feel provoked by this sentence but it wasn’t meant that way.”If people decide that they do not want to take in people of a Muslim belief then the constitution, the Christian values and my personal opinion will be opposed to that.

Commenting on a recent poll showing 82 percent of voters wanted a change in her migrant policy, she added: “If I knew what change in policy people wanted, I would be ready to consider it and to talk about it.””But the poll does not give any advice on that,” she added.A backlash against her migrant policy has raised questions about whether Merkel, Europe’s most powerful leader, will stand for a fourth term next year. Given a dearth of options in her party, however, she is still the most likely candidate.Asked whether she will run again next year, Merkel smiled and declined to comment. She said she was still motivated.

A year before the national election, the Berlin result has deepened rifts in her conservative camp, with her CDU and their Bavarian allies – the Christian Social Union (CSU) – blaming each other within minutes of Sunday’s results.The CSU wants to cap the number of migrants coming into Germany at 200,000 a year. Merkel has so far rejected such a ceiling, but sounded ready for compromise.She said that if the wish of the German people was for the country not to be swamped with uncontrolled and unregulated migration “then that is exactly what I am fighting for”.

Merkel is pushing for a European solution to the migration challenge by securing the continent’s external borders, agreeing migration deals with countries like Turkey and distributing refugees across Europe.The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD), which with 14 percent of the vote will enter its 10th of the country’s 16 regional assemblies, said it would target a double digit score in next year’s national vote after the “terrific” Berlin result.”More and more people are convinced and recognising that we are a real alternative not just for Berlin but for Germany,” AfD co-leader Joerg Meuthen told a news conference in the capital.Photo:  Bing



  1. Im German, mid-40, family, living next to frankfurt/main. Lot of germans know that Merkels politic is more or less a politic based on us think tanks. The power of the german government is nothing, the power of the german mass media is all. We guess that the 2015 refugee politics is the result of secret diplomatic talks in coordination with european, turkish and us officials.

  2. We know well that the billionaire Mr.Georges Soros, lot of UN refugee officials and more or less unknown migrant-NGOs frequently promoted a mass immigration from africa, arabia or elsewhere to the EU, to central Europe, to Germany. Lot of arguments are mixed up, its a bundle of arguments and they are well used to confuse every public debate.

  3. Mrs. Merkel did not really regret the decision nor did she mean she wants to turn time back. Lot of germans feel that the immigrants are sent to germany by international powers to waeken the political unification in europe and germany itself.


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