Meter Maid Hits A Homeless War Veteran – Keep Your Eyes On The Kid Beside Him WOW! (Video)


The homeless man is ignored and abused while pleading for money so he can eat. The boy sits quietly while passerby’s give him money, hugs and well wishes.


There are so many homeless people in the world that many have become indifferent, passing them on the street and not even seeing them.

With the influx of thousands of refugees into 180 U.S. cities that Obama is flooding the country with its especially upsetting when you take into account how many homeless veterans there are.  

The BILLIONS Obama is spending on the refugees should be spent housing and caring for our veterans, and Americans in need.

The video below features a social experiment which was carried out by the YouTube channel MoeAndET. They wanted to find out how people would respond to a homeless man versus a homeless child.

Video MoeAndET

HT Fuzzy Snail



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