Mexican Immigrant Designer Debuts ‘F– Your Wall’ Underwear As New York Fashion Week Goes Anti-Trump


Two days into New York Fashion Week and designers are putting their political opposition to President Donald Trump on full display.

Mexican immigrant designer Raul Solis sent a model down the runway wearing underwear with the words “Fuck your wall” written on the back of them. Other pieces featured messages that read, “No ban, no wall” and “We are all human beings.” The politically charged set was part of Solis’ show for LRS Studio, Breitbart reports:

Solis also showcased a piece featuring a topless woman. The outfit’s fashion statement was meant to send a message of “sexual empowerment.”

“It’s important to have that message of sexual empowerment, especially now- to say, ‘Hey, actually, you can do whatever you want,’” Solis told W magazine. “I don’t get too political, but obviously [this season] it’s impossible to dismiss.”

 Elsewhere, Raf Simons, Belgium-born creative director of Calvin Klein, opened and closed his showcase on Friday by playing David Bowie and Pat Metheny’s song “This Is Not America,” the Associated Press reports. The song selection left some social media users questioning if it was meant to send a message to the Trump administration:
On day one of New York Fashion Week, iconic designer and Vogue editor Anna Wintour was photographed wearing a Planned Parenthood pin during the Brock Collection runway show:


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