Mexican Military Chopper Flies Into US, Shoots At Border Guards

Mexican Military Chopper Flies Into US, Shoots At Border Guards

Andy Adame, a spokesperson for US Border Patrol, said in a statement that a Mexican law enforcement helicopter crossed into the United States early Thursday and fired on two US Border Patrol agents. Fortunately, the two government agents targeted were not injured.

According to Andy Adame, the personnel on board the Mexican military chopper were in the midst of a drug operation at the time of the event. Art del Cueto, the president of the Tucson sector Border Patrol union, told local news network KVOA that Mexican officials contacted US authorities soon after and apologized for the incident.

Andy Adame, U.S. Border Patrol Spokesperson:

‘Early this morning (Thursday, June 26, 2014), a Mexican law enforcement helicopter crossed approximately 100 yards north into Arizona nearly 8 miles southwest of the Village of San Miguel on the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation while on a drug interdiction operation near the border. Two shots were fired from the helicopter but no injuries or damage to US property were reported. The incident is currently under investigation.’

A Mexican Air Force helicopter (AFP Photo / Pedro Pardo)

Also this week, del Cuerto, the union president, told KVOA that law enforcement officials on the border are in the midst of dealing with “probably the most notorious, dangerous, drug organizations to ever walk this earth.”

“They’re dealing with the criminal element; they’re dealing with somebody who is accustomed to violence,”Adame told KVOA. “Those are the people the parents are putting their children’s lives into the hands of.” 


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