Michael Savage: Fox Working for Hillary, Megyn ‘Portrait of Dorian Gray’ [Video]


Talk Show host Michael Savage blasted Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly for her question to Donald Trump about his documented quotes about women, saying that it’s now clear that she’s “gone over to the dark side,” and saying her new stance is even changing her looks.


Sandy Fitzgerald Newsmax reported:

“It’s clear that Martha Washington (one of Savage’s nick names for her), Roger Ailes, and Rupert Murdoch are working for Hillary Clinton,” the pundit said on The Savage Report  on Friday. “It’s as clear as a bell that ‘Mayhem Kelly’ has gone over to the dark side, and frankly her looks are changing.”

But it wasn’t just Kelly he railed against, but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook was the main sponsor of the debate, hosted by Fox News, and Savage said that was because Zuckerberg wants to open the nation’s borders so he can get cheap labor for his website.

Savage complained that Kelly’s looks and life are becoming like the classic story, “The Portrait of Dorian Gray,” in which the young man in the story had his picture painted as a handsome man, but that the portrait started changing he treats a young woman cruelly.

“Megyn Kelly’s looks may have not changed to herself in her Cinderella mirror backstage,” said Savage. “The cameras that we all watch is the portrait that I’m referring to. The portrait of Dorian Kelly is quite revealing. You watch her face change. You’ll see it change over the coming months now that she is drunk on her own power. You’ll see what I see, because I see things before anyone else.”

Story continues below video.

He complained that her “nostrils have become almost porcine” while she “snorts her insults at America.”

But while Fox was playing it “unfair,” Kelly’s show exceeds other “reality shows,” like “I am Caitlyn.” Her show should be called “I am Mayhem,” suggested Savage.

“So you’ve got to see that going to the gutter and attacking candidates who could save America makes money,” said Savage. “That’s exactly why Facebook makes so much money. That’s why Facebook was the co-sponsor of the new reality show ‘I Am Mayhem.'”

“When have you ever heard of a man in favor of cheapening American wages and flooding America with illegal aliens buying a network during the opposition’s debate?” Savage said of Zuckerberg. “Well you just heard of it. What do you think the F stood for? Mark Zuckerberg joined forces with Fox News to undermine one Donald Trump and that was for one reason only: Zuckerberg is the greediest man in the history of the world. Zuckerberg doesn’t care who gets hurt, he just wants them in this country.”

And as Trump is the “biggest threat to the status quo,” said Savage, “the establishment is afraid of Donald Trump.”


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