MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Why Is There No Outcry About THIS Scandal?


Amid the Democrats’ relentless accusations — despite the lack of evidence — that the Trump administration colluded with the Russians to affect the outcome of the election, the establishment media is missing a big story,  Michael Savage contends.

Where were CNN, NBC and others when then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden joined the board of directors of a private oil and gas company in Ukraine controlled by deposed, pro-Moscow, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych?

Hunter Biden’s appointment was made at the same time Vice President Joe Biden was the White House’s “go-to guy” during the Ukraine crisis?

“Now, why is it that there was no outcry about nepotism or about possible influence-peddling?” Savage asked.

In late 2014, Yanukovych refused to sign an association agreement with the European Union, leading to a popular revolt. A backlash in the ethnic Russian eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, which supported Yanukovych, prompted Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian autonomous region of Crimea.

Savage, citing National Journal’s Marina Koren in 2014, noted Joe Biden toured “former Soviet republics” and “reassured their concerned leaders.”

Savage continued:

And now, he’s not the only Biden involved in the region. [Koren] says that by appointing Hunter Biden head of its legal affairs unit — Did you hear this? — “by appointing Hunter Biden,” that’s Joe Biden’s son, “head of its legal affairs unit the Ukrainian oil giant is turning to U.S. talent — and money and name recognition — for protection against Russia.”

So the bigger story here is not about Russia.

It’s about how Ukraine is controlling the Democratic Party right now.

And the second large subtext to the whole story is that the Democrats [have been] soft on Islamofascism, because for years I have told you that it has become the Democrat-Socialist-Islamists party USA. Democrat-Socialist-Islamists USA.

… My friends, there are several elements at play here. It’s not just that Sessions talked to a diplomat.

Well, so did Nancy Pelosi.

Where was the outrage at that time?

And by the way, while we’re talking about Russia: As you know, I’m a student of history, especially wartime history.

One little footnote, for all you Russo-haters. Have you ever heard the war between the Germans, the Nazis and Russia?

Do you know anything about that? Did Schumer know anything about that war? That had the Russians lost, that all the Jews in the Holocaust would have been killed, none of them would have been rescued from the death camps?

Did you know that?

Had Russia not defeated the Nazis in their battle of Moscow or Stalingrad, had the Russians lost, they wouldn’t have been available to work with the United States and the Allies to defeat Nazi Germany and then liberate the Nazi concentration camps.

They were our allies in that.

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