Michelle, Her Mother and Kids Taking Another Vacation!


Michelle, her mother, her two kids, and numerous White House aides and security personnel are going on tour in China this month, and no surprise that White House officials are refusing to say how much the taxpayers will pay for the trip. Apparently Michelle is not aware we are in a recession! They will travel to China from March 19 to March 26 and will visit the capital Beijing and two northwest cities, Xi’an and Chengdu.

The Daily Caller reported that while the White House would not reveal any details pertaining to the cost, security or logistics, they did say it would be a thrill for everyone on the trip, including for Michelle Obama’s top aide, Tina Tchen… how nice for them!

Tina Tchen was quoted as saying; “It is a real honor and privilege, and I think we are all, here in the first lady’s office, quite excited about the upcoming trip,” said Tchen, just after she declared that “my parents emigrated from China in the late ’40s, so this … will be my fourth time returning to China but the first time, obviously, in a role such as this.” … “The first lady has been looking for an opportunity to go to China,” said Ben Rhodes, the White House’s deputy national security advisor for strategic communications.

Michelle has taken her mother on several previous trips, including to Spain. The 2010 trip to Spain cost taxpayers at least $487,000. A 2011 trip to southern Africa cost at least $424,142. The cost estimates were uncovered by Judicial Watch, a D.C.-based watchdog group.

Regardless of the recession and cutbacks being inflicted on many American’s, the White House feels the trip will be worth the expense, officials said.

“I will say this as a Chinese-American,” said Tchen, that Chinese people will appreciate “three generations of family traveling together … and the bonds that the Obama family have with one another across generations.”

“I think that, frankly, the most powerful message we can deliver [to Chinese people] is one of the examples of not just the first lady’s life story but of America and our values,” Rhodes said. “That alone I think speaks to things like respect for human rights that are interwoven into the DNA of the United States of America.”

“The first lady’s story itself sends a powerful message about the ability of someone of a disadvantaged economic background from a minority group to ascend to the position that she did in private life and now as first lady,” Rhodes said.

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Source: http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/17/michelle-obama-and-family-take-another-taxpayer-funded-trip/#ixzz2wMqjUHGI


    • I am livid! I wanted to scream… we are paying for her MOTHER and staff to go on a luxurious vacation to China WHY! We are in a recession! I can not stand that woman!

  1. My sis needs a new wheelchair snd we can’t afford s handicapped traveler cruise because our SS raises were so small.

  2. They need to make sure she stays over there, not only does the trip cost, but when they land in Los Angeles, they clear the runways, and not only does she have a plane, but the security has one and the cars etc they take has one, this is major misuse of the taxpayers money and I frankly resent the hell out of it.

  3. These bottom feeders make me sick. They could be putting the money they are BLOWING ,towards cancer research,for a cure. Or something as equally important as that. I’m looking forward to them leaving the White House. We’re going into WWlll after he’s cut our military members and spending,while we’re in a recession! You can’t get any worse than these fools!!!!


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