Michelle Obama On Another Racial Rant Telling Students She Often ‘Feels The Need To Run The Other Way’


More racist ranting by Michelle Obama. 

Michelle Obama spoke to college graduates at Oberlin College on Monday, and told them how dismayed they will be by the ‘clamor outside these walls – the name calling, the negative ads, the folks yelling at each other on TV,’ and said ‘you may find yourself just wanting to tune out all the noise and run the other way just like I do.’ By all means Michelle, please do America a favor and RUN! 

Michelle said she was “moved” to receive an honorary degree from the school, since it was the “first college in America to officially embrace the admission of black students, and the first co-ed school to grand bachelor’s degrees to women.”

Although Oberlin was not the first college to admit blacks, it was the first to admit students without respect to race as a matter of official policy. Oberlin College in Ohio was founded in 1833. From its founding, the college has been open to blacks and women and has a long history of dedication to African-American higher education.


“I should be here today,” Mrs. Obama said in her opening remarks. “Oberlin is likely the only college in America that I could have attended nearly two centuries ago, and I am honored to be part of the extraordinary legacy of this great institution.” 

Not true, there were other colleges where Michelle could have attended, case in point:

1804: Middlebury College awards an honorary master’s degree to Lemuel Haynes, an African American who fought in the Revolutionary War.

1823: Alexander Lucius Twilight becomes the first known African American to graduate from a college in the United States. He received a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College in Vermont.

1826: Edward Jones graduates from Amherst College. Jones is believed to be the second African American to earn a college degree.

1826: Two weeks after Edward Jones graduated from Amherst College, John Brown Russwurm graduates from Bowdoin College in Maine. He is the third African American to graduate from college in the U.S.

 1828: Edward Mitchell graduates from Dartmouth College. He is believed to be the fourth African American to graduate from an American college. [Source: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education]

 Michelle said she agreed to speak at Oberlin because she is “inspired by your commitment to service and social justice,” and she used much of her speech to urge students to become advocates for “social justice,” or liberalism. She equated conservative opposition with “noise,” “clamor” and “polarization,” and she urged students to “rise above it.”

Rick Wells said it best:

She describes Oberlin as the only college she could have attended nearly two centuries ago. Elitist Princeton, where the poor, victim of white supremacy Mooch attended was opened in 1746, almost 100 years before Oberlin. But Princeton may not have been accepting communists at the time, and an Oberlin liberal arts degree is so much more useful for the prospective social agitator.

She says, “The truth is graduates, after four years of thoughtful, respectful discussion and debate here at Oberlin, those seminars where you explored new ideas, those late night conversations where you challenged each other and learned from each other, after all of that, you might find yourself a little dismayed by the clamor outside these walls.”

She describes an overwhelming urge to run the other way in the face of “all that clamor.” The face people naturally recoil and run from is hers and that’s an instinctive reaction, nothing to be concerned with. Clamor, as she calls it, or chaos as Marx, Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky described it is just a tool of public manipulation. The liberal graduates will soon embrace it as their primary means of socialist Democratic achievement.

She cautions the students against tuning out all of the noise, a choice which would put the Marxists out of business. She says it’s completely understandable and confesses, “I sometimes have that instinct myself,” saying “run” as if she’s reading to a kindergarten class from Fun With Dick and Jane.

But she urges them to do just the opposite, invoking the “Oberlin legacy” of service and “social justice” or Marxism, you need to run to and not away from the noise.  Whether it was the presence of the Secret Service detail or students already tuning out her drivel, no mad rush to the stage took place.

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