Michelle Obama The Cupcake Nazi


Michelle Obama’s ‘inspiration’ has resulted in a cupcake ban in Washington state schools.

Remember how excited your child was deciding what kind of cake or cupcakes they were going to take to school to celebrate their birthday… thanks to Michelle Obama those days are over.


According to the Washington Times, the Wellness Committee of Edmonds School District, outside Seattle, stated in its guide to schools that classroom birthday parties may be celebrated with ‘non-food treats only’.

As a matter of fact, food treats can only be eaten in the classroom three times per year.

A spokesman for the school district told the media it’s not healthy for a cupcake party to be thrown for every student on their birthday stating that “We’re not just talking about one cupcake a year, we’re talking about 25 cupcakes a year,” said DJ Jakala, spokeswoman for the Edmonds School District.


Is this what the Obama’s consider ‘healthy’ eating for their family?


Apparently ice cream is a ‘healthy’ food for the Obama family.

Sasha Obama, the daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama eats ice cream in Florida

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign and her disciples apparently believe that sugar is the new “crack cocaine,” unless they are the ones eating it of course. 


Apparently Michelle is exempt from her ‘healthy’ eating guidelines.

Senator Barack Obama Campaigns To Win Pennsylvania Caucus

Bon Appétit!



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