Migrant Caravan Reporter Busted MSM Narrative: ‘Mostly Men, Some Not Seeking Asylum’ (Video)

With the mainstream media pushing the narrative that US border patrol agents teargassed only women and children, one MSNBC reporter went against his network’s narrative by saying that the caravan is mostly men and looking for work, not asylum as they would have America believe.

After suspending all traffic at the United States busiest port with Mexico, border patrol guards were forced to use tear gas to fend off migrants trying to breach the border wall on Sunday. After one group forced a gap in the border fence, border patrol pushed them back with tear gas and pepper spray, and the migrants lobbed rocks at the US agents in response.

Images of women and children fleeing tear-gas canisters quickly did the rounds on the mainstream media, and the they went into outrage mode.

“Some people look at these images and they listen to the president, who says, ‘It’s not women and children, it’s stone cold criminals,’” MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle said to reporter Gadi Schwartz, on the ground with the migrants in Tijuana, Mexico. “Give us the profile of who’s there mostly and what they’re looking for,” she asked.

Schwartz then led a cameraman on a walking tour of a migrant encampment, revealing that most of the migrants are men, and not all are refugees.


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