Miley Cyrus Reveals Why She Did Not Leave America After Donald Trump Became President


In an interview for the upcoming issue of NME Magazine, child star-turned-global pop icon Miley Cyrus unloaded on President Donald Trump, vowing not to leave the U.S. and instead promising to stay and fight Trump’s “hate with love.”

During the 2016 election, she had repeatedly said she would “move out da country” should Trump win. Now, she admits it was a “dumb” idea.

“I’m not leaving the country, that’s dumb. Because that’s me abandoning my country when I think I’ve got a good thing to say to my country,” Cyrus told NME, People reports. “And trust me, I hear every day on my Instagram, ‘Just leave already! When are you going to leave?’ Wherever I am, my voice is going to be heard, and I’ll make sure of it.”

Cyrus plans to get “very political” with her new album, “Younger Now,” which features a song called “Inspired” which she dedicated to Hillary Clinton for whom she campaigned door-to-door for.

“Well, ‘Inspired’, I wrote that for Hillary Clinton [but] I’m not fighting fire with fire, hate with hate,” Cyrus said of the former Democratic candidate.

The 24-year-old star said she’s fighting for “equality” and “justice” not “hate” and “walls.”

“I’m fighting hate with love. I’m doing this concert this week in Vegas and for ‘Party In The USA’ the screens will say ‘education’ and ‘healthcare’ and ‘equality’, ‘justice’, ‘freedom’, ‘liberation’, ‘expression,’” the singer said of the political anthem. “These things are what make up our country. It’s not a party in the USA if it’s filled with hate, discrimination, walls, violence, all these things.”

This is a perfect example of how clueless these celebrities are with armed 24-hour security details and living behind WALLS – she is calling for socialism without understanding the ramifications of it. She is nothing more than a robot repeating what the mainstream media has programmed into her little head.

Cyrus delivered a profanity-filled speech, touching on the same topics, at a recent concert before performing the political song.

After the election, Cyrus congratulated Trump on his historic victory in an emotional video that went viral on Facebook.

“Donald Trump, I accept you,” she said in the video, “and this hurts to say, but I even accept you as the president of the United States, and that’s fine … because I think now I want to be hopeful.”

She is such a Liberal Drama Queen…

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