Mine Owner Exposes EPA – Animas River Spill [Video]


Todd Hennis, the owner of the Gold King Mine, the source of the recent three million gallon toxic spill into the Animas River, told a CBS Denver affiliate that unless he allowed the EPA to have access and authority to conduct operations on the site the agency had threatened him with daily fines of $35,000. 

Hennis tells of the general events  that led to the disaster and that he was forced at ‘economic gunpoint’  to allow the EPA full access to his property.  


Rick Wells Reports:

Authoritarian and tyrannical methods and tactics are a staple of the EPA in the content and implementation of their regulations as well as their heavy-handed enforcement measures. They routinely abuse the American people through their “economic attack by energy and climate” austerity programs as well as personally targeting individuals and businesses. They do so with the full knowledge that they are beyond any meaningful accountability to the citizens of this nation.

A local Denver CBS affiliate interviewed Todd Hennis, the owner of the Gold King mine which was the source of the recent three million gallon toxic spill into the Animas River. Hennis detailed the general events which led to the disaster and the EPA being on his property.


Hennis describes how he was forced at economic gunpoint to allow the EPA full access to his property, with their dictatorial fiefdom beginning approximately four years ago. He was given a choice between immediate cooperation with the green Gestapo or fines in the amount of $35,000 for every day he resisted. He said, “When you’re a small guy and you’re having a $35,000-a-day fine accrue against you, you have to run up the white flag.”

He points to the mine next to his, the Sunnyside, as being the source of the water seepage that created the situation. Regardless of the source of the water, it is clear, including from the geologist, Dave Taylor, who predicted this would happen a week before it did, that the EPA was reckless in the conduct of their activities and it was their actions which caused the release of the toxic, contaminated water.


Mr. Hennis warns that he is aware of other situations similar to that which led to the spill at his mine which exist elsewhere and have the potential to be a much greater disaster. Perhaps the EPA will apply what they have learned in the creation of this disaster towards the prevention of similar mistakes in the future; perhaps not.


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