Mob Of 30 Black Teenagers Yell “Get That White Guy” While Savagely Beating Him [Video]


Last Friday, a mob of 30 black teens attacked an Alabama man and his family yelling ‘get that white!’ The attack took place at Wilson Park on Friday, June 5, and according to the victim’s wife, who witnessed the attack and said the group “was using slurs of race” while tasing her husband and beating him.


WHNT9 reported:

“Randomly, they just hit him in the back of the head,” said 14-year-old Brandon Dawes. “I didn’t think nothing of it at first because, well, I thought maybe somebody tripped or something.”

Juli Dawes said her husband Kevin was trying to protect their son when they turned on him.

“I got in between him and the attacker and told him to go toward the van , and that’s when I started getting attacked,” Kevin said.

She said the juveniles also shattered the windshield of her car, where she was waiting with her 4-year-old.

“My four-year-old said ‘look mommy, they’re dancing’, Juli said. “I said, ‘no, baby they’re not dancing they’re fighting’. Then I see my husband and he’s on the ground being tased.”  Juli said she felt helpless watching the group of thugs attack her family.

“There’s this wall of people and there was nothing I could do,” she stressed. “If it could happen to us it could happen to anybody, and it was unprovoked. I would really love to know why, what they were thinking.”

Investigators do not have any people of interest yet in this case.

At last check, Kevin Dawes has a fractured eye socket and multiple taser burns.  Brandon, 14, sustained minor injuries.


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