‘Morning Joe’ Host Says Trump Is ‘Openly Racist’ And So Are His Supporters (Video)

‘Morning Joe’ Host Says Trump Is ‘Openly Racist’ And So Are His Supporters (Video)

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, host Joe Scarborough did not hold back on Friday saying that anyone who still supports President Donald Trump is a racist. 

Scarborough and co-host ​wife Mika Brezinski ripped the president saying that he is “openly racist” and therefore, by extension, so are all his supporters.

Obviously desperate for material to distract from the Trump administrations many accomplishments, the two fell back on the racist card.

“You’ve got Charlottesville, where Donald Trump of course defended white supremacists with moral equivalency,” Scarborough said. “Even this year, Donald Trump calling Hispanics ‘breeders.’ Just last week, saying that immigrants coming across the border were, quote, ‘infesting America,’ and no, he wasn’t talking about gang members.”

Scarborough then told Trump supporters they are just as bad as the president regarding racial issues.

“[Trump supporters] cannot say, ’Oh, I’m just supporting him because he’s giving them hell in Washington, D.C.,” Scarborough said. “No, he’s been openly racist, just like we said back in December of 2015, openly racist. If you support him, then you’re supporting that, and you are that. It’s that simple. That’s what we’ve come to now.”

Brzezinski also said the recent immigrant family separations at the border and the administration’s zero tolerance policy are bad for Trump’s image.

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The co-hosts argued that President Trump’s executive order to end the separation of illegal families entering the country was too little, too late, and that no one could continue to support the president in good conscience.

“He will be forever remembered as the president who traumatized little children. That’s his brand now,” she said. “He’s the president who purposefully traumatized babies and children, and he traumatized them for his political gain or to look strong or to look like Kim Jong Un.”

However, Brzezinski defended Melania Trump’s jacket — which read “I don’t really care. Do u?”, by introducing an interesting theory.

“You see the first lady trying her best to separate herself from this because she, too, could have been one of those children,” Brzezinski said. “She doesn’t look like them, but she knows this is bad, so she rushes to the border, and who cares what she’s wearing? She probably was talking to her husband.”

The complete segment appears below:


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