Most BIZARRE Liberal ‘Children’s Education’ Show Ever [Video]


This bizarre Liberal ‘children’s education’ show is suppose to teach children that ‘everybody’s born, everybody cries, everybody shits, and everybody dies’.

The performance of this massive, inflatable naked puppet using all its bodily functions to educate children about the human body has divided parents across the world.

What do you expect from the Liberal point of view. It’s not a man, it’s not a woman… it’s a unisex freak, and this is how Liberals want to introduce ‘child birth’ and the human body to children, as this offensive THING?!


Leesa Smith for Daily Mail Australia reports:

A Melbourne group created the 26.5 metre monstrous puppet for a live art installation called ‘Everybody’s born, Everybody cries, Everybody shits and Everybody dies’.

The peculiar and confusing act sees the enormous figurine inexplicably get killed after a brick lands on its head, then after a few moans gives birth to a giant baby.


The baby then latches onto the huge breast, which has detached itself from the puppet’s body, for sustenance once entering the world for the first time before the breast rolls around on the ground while squirting milk at the audience as children scream in delight.

Then for no particular reason, a huge heart jumps out of the puppet’s open chest and starts dancing around.

But wait there’s so much more.

A pig puppet begins to talk about pondering the ‘power of creation’ as kids yell out ‘behind you!’ to warn the poor pink fella of the big mouth that gobbles up the tasty character just moments later.

Then the performance goes out on an unusual high: a bottom appears and releases ginormous blobs of brown poo before a large walking penis sprays on the audience.

Many parents just didn’t agree with the show at all and would not take their kids to see it.

‘I didn’t teach my kid to play with her poop and you can see a live birth at a hospital. Don’t need giant monsters showing her your versions of what you think is appropriate I feel sorry for parent who think they should take their child to see this!,’ Amanda Messer Blevins posted.

‘This is just too weird for me and I had plenty experience in the O.R. where people are very exposed. But I guess everyone has their own opinions! I’m still in shock! Every parent I guess makes their own mistakes. Yawn.’


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